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Blood coating stool.


Hi, about 9 months ago i started passing blood in my stool and became severely constipated for around a month. After visiting the doctors they found haemorrhoids, i was given a heavy cause of laxatives and piles which soothed the pain and unblocked my bowels.

However, it wasn't long till the pain came back and my bowel returned back to my usual routine of passing once a week causing my to bloat out. I returned back to my GP and each time came out with different conclusion from; it's just how some people are and that its normal to anxiety and my diet.

A couple of months or so i have returned back to my GP and A&E due to stages of heavy bleeding that was a mixture of bright and dark blood that coats the stools and what appeared to be small blood clots that is accompanied with stomach cramps. I am now waiting to be seen to see if i may need a colonoscopy to see where the bleeding is coming from.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?

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Yes, you probably have internal haemorroids that are starting to dissolve and come out as blood. Do you experience any pain after having a stool.

I suffered something similar for two years but after a surgery it went away and its been 3 years now no constipation, no blood and no pain.

Your case is very similar, maybe you have anal fissure. Find out if this is the case, if you have the heart opt for a surgery.

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