I haven't had chiropody for 6 months, should I complain?

I've only just found this forum but it's great! I've had CMT, or rather been diagnosed with CMT for about 20 yrs now and as part of my treatment have been having chiropody (really I think the mostly just cut my toenails and cut off hard skin but sometimes they make support things or refer for special insoles). Usually it's every 9 weeks or so but I haven't been seen now since January. I had foot surgery in february, so didn't ask till last month but still haven't got an appointment. I rang them & wrote to them, they say many people haven't been seen since jan as they're so behind. I don't want to jump the queue, but I do think they should be running extra clinics if they're that behind. Do you think I should complain? Ask my GP to write, or complain? I'm not sure what to do!

Thanks in advance for your replies, Lynne

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  • It is essential anyone with CMT receives regular foot care because of the lower sensitivity in parts of the feet . I was diagnosed with CMT 40 years ago but have only had regular chiropody on the NHS in the last two years at the Leaf Hospital in Eastbourne. Not only have they helped me maintain mobility, they have often prevented problems by identifying developing conditions I was unaware of.

    Stand you ground and demand the support you need from the NHS.

  • To be truth, I feel I can not always rely on support from the medical profession. So I go regularly to a professional chiropodist. It is very important to maitina regular support and care for the feet. Kind regards.

  • To be truth, I feel I can not always rely on support from the medical profession. So I go regularly to a professional chiropodist. It is very important to maintaining regular support and care for the feet. Kind regards.

  • Thank you so much Whitrose and PhilC. I've decided that unless an appointment comes in today's post I'll complain. I have already asked twice, once by phone once by letter. I don't really have the money to go privatly and I think if we want to hang on to our public services we have to use them. I do know what you mean though Whiterose, going privatly must be quicker and easier. Thanks for your comments though.

  • Hi

    I also go to a private chiropodist every 6 weeks which costs £18, so I don't think £3 per week is too costly, although if you don't/are unable to work maybe it is!

    Anyway good luck and I hope you succeed in getting an appointment soon.

  • Thanks for that, I've just had my appointment through for July 9th, which will be about a fortnight short of six months since the last one. Better late than never I suppose, but I guess I might have to pay if that's going to start being a regular feature.

  • As a Chiropodist/Podiatrist I agree that it is essential for those with CMT to have regular Chiropody/Podiatry and this should be available on the NHS. Information should be available from your local NHS clinic. If treatment intervals are too long then a complaint should be raised with the local NHS Trust who manages the Service.

    However, for those who are unable, for whatever reason to access the NHS service or prefer to go to a private practitioner, there must be a comprehensive treatment plan devised with the practitioner before any treatment is commenced. This should cover the aims and objectives of treatment and include any neurological and vascular assesments as necessary.

    Primay-Bursar, £18 seems a bit cheap and 6weeks a bit too frequent. Does your practitioner give regular neurological and vascular assesments and inform you and your GP of the results.? In addition they should have speedy access to integrated NHS care pathways and multidisciplinary teams to deal with case of ulceration/tissue damage. You may want to ask them about this.

  • Thank you so much for that Footwoman, it's nice to hear the view of a proper professional, I was eventually seen last week and it was such a help. The chiropodist wrote on my card that I should be seen every 3 months and next time there is such a long wait I will complain. I know on previous occasions they have paid private staff to run extra clinics when they had a need. I worry about what the NHS is coming to with the new 'reforms'.

    Thanks again.

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