Does anyone else suffer with burning spots on toes?

Doctor diagnosed chillblains, horendous burning WHEN my feet warmed, enough to wake me up. However consultant has said it is part of the nerve damage, along with the change in colour (often blackening) but it's 16 degrees outside and I'm sat inside with spots all over feet and burning!!!

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  • Sounds very familiar to me. My toes burn, tingle and turn blue when cold. My feet in general are normally icy cold and often have to wear 3 pairs of socks. Yet in the evening, they burn and tingle. During the night my feet are dead as well as tingle!!. They are dead weight. Ive always had chillblains since childhood. Do you see a podiatrist? You should, I see one every 3 months.

  • Same here u guys. Ive always suffered with chillblains n skin cracking and splitting, very painful if on the beach. My feet also burn a lot underneath. I use foot cream from Body shop, my podiatrist recommended it to me. It does help, my feet hav bin lot better since using it but not 100%.

  • Yes, me too, the pain was worst on the outside edge of my foot behind the little toe. For years I was prescribed pills or cream for chilblains and was told to wear roomier or more supportive footwear, or no wellingtons (on a farm?). Eventually my left foot was so distorted that after 35 years I found out what was wrong. Now the right foot is going the same way. Anyone with persistent chilblains should be examined more extensively.

  • How do you treat them? Been given cream but doesn't seem to help other than dry the skin out and then it all cracks and gets sore.

    Thanks to all of you who have replied to my question, it's nice to know I'm not on my own, makes a change to speak with someone who knows what CMT is all about.

  • Hello - I have the added complication of having Diabetes Type 2: The symptoms of this disease are not unlike CMT: Again the peripheral (long) nerves are damaged, thus further reducing the velocity (speed) that your nerves conduct the signals to, and from the brain:

    Ask your Doctor about Peripheral Arterial Disease, (P.A.D.) where plaque can build up inside your leg's arteries, and reduce blood flow into your feet, also get your two feet pulses checked: The Posterial Tibal, and thr Dorsalis, which will confirm correct blood circulation:

    When I awake in the morning my toes skin colour is turning black, but normal colour returns as I move around:

  • Not got anything to add specifically, but another excellent cream (off the shelf) for skin problems like very dry skin or cracked skin, or sore/itchy skin, is "Dream Cream" from Lush.

    I used it in great handfuls when I came out of plaster, following recent surgery, and it really helped get the skin back in good condition.


  • I sometimes get a really painfull heat sensation in my toes which feels like my foot is hot and cold at the same time making it really uncomfortable.But i find cold water stops the pain pretty fast.

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