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Myths about Drinking

Myths about Drinking

How often have you caught your mates - or even yourself - coming out with some anecdotal explanation for why a particular drink or way of drinking is good or better than another? I have. For example, I regurgitated the tale that red wine is good for you, just because I’d read that one article that one time. Or, eating before bed will soak up the booze. Today, we start breaking down some of those myths, but feel free to add and share your own as this is not an exhaustive list! In fact, culturally, we all have our own unique ways of approaching a drinking session and/or the day after. But let’s get started…

Darker alcohols are healthier.

The Myth: Here’s the deal, darker beers and wines generally do have more antioxidants than their lighter counterparts. This is because the darker hues signify higher flavanoid content in beer and higher polyphenol content in wines. I don’t know what that means either, until Google explained that while these options are higher in calories, they contain more nutritional value and are therefore considered healthier than their paler friends… Yeah, but no, not really.

The Fact: While darker alcohols may contain more antioxidants, they can also contain more toxic chemicals created during the fermentation process, which can actually make for worse hangovers.

Older wine is better.

The Myth: The older the wine, the more sofffffisteekatated you feel, right? Aged wine is considered to have more flavor, to be of higher quality, and well, more expensive. So, surely that bottle from ASDA that’s been sitting on the shelf for 3 months will be a fine vintage by now?

The Fact: Wrong. It really depends on the type of wine (And I’m pretty sure anything from ASDA doesn’t count). Some wines are meant to be consumed within a year of production and don’t get better after that, while others are intended to be stored in a wine cellar for a few years to reach their peak quality. But, often a wine will sit past its expiration date getting less impressive with time... In fact, wine’s antioxidant content might actually decrease as it ages as well as tasting kinda gross.

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I was always told by my mates: "Beer before Wine and you'll feel fine, Wine after Beer and you'll feel queer"