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Club Soda

How I quit drinking & became hangover free

Club Soda has collaborated with Louise Rowlinson, an experienced specialist community public health nurse, from A Hangover Free Life to bring you our How to Quit Workshop, helping our members cut down or quit drinking alcohol. Based on Louise's Udemy online course material and structured around Club Soda's ethos of creating workshops for a happier, healthier you, this course provides all the information and tools to make a more sober life possible. The success of the course has been overwhelming, and today we would like to share with you the story of someone who attended an earlier workshop, and came again later to talk about her experiences. Many thanks to her giving us permission to share her success and her story.

I am here today to share my success story after doing this workshop earlier in the year. Firstly a bit about my drinking history. I have always been a heavy drinker. I never allowed myself to drink during the week but I would cram it in at the weekend. It felt like ground hog day on Monday morning waking up hungover, depressed and tearful. I would often take my daughter to school then go back to bed as there was no one around to witness it. Whereas over the weekend I had to put on a brave face and carry on even though I felt awful - it was exhausting.

Another problem that went with the hangovers was binge eating. I would wake up and find wrappers of stuff I had forgotten I had eaten and because I was hungover I would binge on crap all day.

I knew I wasn't a normal drinker as I was always the first to finish my drink, trying to slow down in case people noticed or pouring an extra glass in secret. Towards the end of my drinking I would share a bottle of wine with my husband but have an open bottle of wine in the garage to have an extra couple of glasses as half a bottle wasn't enough. On Sunday I would persuade my husband to eat out so I could have more wine because if we stayed in he would have felt it unnecessary to drink wine if we had been drinking the night before. I would come home Sunday afternoon, have an extra couple of glasses in secret then collapse on the sofa missing out on valuable family time. Funny thing is my husband doesn't think I have a drinking problem he just thinks I am a bit greedy with wine. My heavy drinking friends also tell me there's nothing wrong with my drinking. My closest friend said she preferred me when I was a drinker as I am quieter now and go home earlier when they start to sound pissed. It doesn't matter if I am told I am a normal drinker as they are not the ones in bed on Monday crying.

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