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Samsung Electronics ... developing Rituxan Biosimilar

Samsung Electronics ... developing Rituxan Biosimilar

Samsung Electronics’ aspirations.... to find a new growth engine in biotechnology ...with their version of Rituxan called SAIT101.

Samsung and 15 other companies are eyeing the 6.5 billion Rituxan market, when patents come off in 2014-15, hoping to mix up their own versions of Rituxan.

The major use is for Rheumatoid Arthritis, CLL is just a footnote, but we will likely benefit from the competition.

UK trial of SAIT101


Some trials have been temporarily halted...

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Thanks Chris - very interesting, as I have had RA for many years. The Rheumatologist said he wouldn't give me any "disease modifying drugs" now, as they would confuse things regarding my CLL and that when I have treatment for the CLL, then my RA will be helped.

I can't seem to make the Uk Clinical trials link work though.

Warm wishes

sparkler x


Ooppps...this blog truncates links when you cut and paste... here it is again.

Rituxan works very well for RA, it is a huge market.


I'll try the link again Chris. Yes the Rheumatologist talked about Rituxan, shortly after my CLL dx.


Samsung to form a $300 million joint venture with Biogen to develop bio-pharmaceuticals.

Biogen makes Rituxan...


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