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Did anyone else receive their LLS Antibody results?

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I received my LLS Antibody results. After two Pfizer jabs, I apparently don't have any antibodies. Can I assume no booster will alter these results?

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I have been testes 3 times by LLS and I have no antibodies…they may be testing to see what the T cells might have done. However, when boosters are offered I shall be first in line as I feel one just never knows…no one does but I don’t feel it will hurt. I rely on the IVIG I receive every 4 weeks for my immune system. It does a great job keeping me in a safe place.

These are indeed troubling times!

Panz 🙂☘️🙏💕

Looks like mine! I tested three times! Hope they will offer us a booster 😕

I had two Pfizer jabs and LLS Labcorp tested negative. I got the J&J shortly after that. Lab test from Quest Diagnostics said I have 1.26 with threshold of 1.0.

I did LLS Labcorp test again yesterday. At 17.8 with reference point requiring above 0.8.

The data isn't in on this. I went rogue and got the third shot out of frustration.

Still don't know if I am protected but I have antibodies after J&J.

I told my doctor to check my IGG, IGM & IGA back in January. Since they were all just barely in normal range I figured there must be a chance. That was a motivation for getting third shot.

Frankly, I will probably not change my lifestyle much. My ANC has been stuck at 0.30 lately so I want to avoid all types of infections.

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HopeME in reply to DriedSeaweed

How did you go about getting your third shot and how did you select the J&J booster? I had the two Pfizer shots in January and February and I am seriously considering getting the booster. I’m meeting with my doctor in the near term and will get his input but I’m curious about your decision making process.

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DriedSeaweed in reply to HopeME

I did the two Pfizer through my medical provider. I got the J&J at a local CVS pharmacy. They didn't ask for insurance or question me.

After two Pfizer vaccines, two SARS-2 Covid spike antibody tests, both >250! I am also in the LLS study. Still wearing my mask and isolating.

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Imalpn in reply to PacificCLL

Awesome! Are you treatment naive?

I got tested and they found antibodies. It doesn’t give me much peace I’m still super concerned about Covid.

I am still W&W and I had the Pfizer vaccinations and did have antibodies. they gave me a # of 1318.

I just received my antibody test results this week, had my Moderna shots in February and March. My doctor said all it showed was that I had antibodies but not how many, Which means I’m probably still immune! Why do the press tell you to get the test when they know the results will always be inconclusive?

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Justasheet1 in reply to Mwagner


I don’t listen to the “press”, I listen to my CLL specialist and he advised me to get it. They still don’t understand if there’s more to the shots than just antibody response, but I highly doubt that there is.

Besides, everyone is different and some here have generated antibodies. Sadly, I never did but I don’t regret trying something that could help me.

Don’t despair, we’ll get through this together.


According to this test you have no detectable antibodies to Covid infection and are borderline positive for antibodies to vaccination. How many days after your second jab did you take the test?

I have been tested twice, once at 3 months and 6 months and neither time did I come up with antibodies so I continue to double mask it and avoid people. After all I live in a state that the governor has never given a crap about Covid or it’s people, Florida.

As I read your Semi Quant results you have 0.8U/ml of Spike Proteins Abs meaning you have had a Positive Reaction to the vaccine(s). May have some immunity, or may not.I had a initial Semi Quant value of 55.9U/ml after getting (2) Pfizer jabs. Three months later I got (1) J&J jab and my Semi Quant Abs jumped to >2600U/ml. The MD at LLS and my hem/onc at PennMed in Philadelphia were very impressed, feel I may have significant immunity. That being said I continue to wear a mask indoors, avoid large indoor settings. I have not had any upper respiratory infections since practicing Covid hygiene thus plan to keep wearing a mask indoors, avoid large, possibly unvaccinated crowds. Stay healthy.🙂

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Pin57 in reply to mrivinus

Congrats on 3rd shot effort and an awesome abodies score! Your shots selection was the inverse of mine, but same result. If you don’t mind me asking, are you on treatments or had any?… Or are you on W&W mode?

From what few completed 3-shot studies there are to-date, appears treatments may have an impact on generation of abodies unfortunately. Hoping the smart scientists come up with other solutions.

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mrivinus in reply to Pin57

Hi Pin57, I was dx’d with CLL in May 2016; have been on W&W since that time. In addition to CLL I have autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) which responded well to prednisone. When I tried to taper off prednisone my Hgb dropped again thus I am on ongoing 5mg prednisone daily which maintains the Hgb at near normal. My CLL is mutated, has good genetic markers. My only B-symptom is fatigue, but in general I live a full life. I am a 72y/o male living in Philadelphia PA. I receive care at the VA (CLL precipitated by Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam) and PennMedicine. Not sure what you are saying about “…May have impact on generation of antibodies unfortunately “. Thank you. Be well. MARK

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Pin57 in reply to mrivinus

Whoops … meant to say generating. Thanks for your reply and best wishes forward.

I’m in the study and made 1.1 antibody…when my regular doctor ordered the test I got 1.0 so through LLS I picked up .1. Does anybody know if they can strengthen? I’m in remission at present but will most likely relapse by the end of the year so if there is a booster it probably won’t work😟

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