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Non-CLL Drugs - Any harmful towards the CLL fight?

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So relatively new to the “CLL journey” on W&W, and the posted question certainly is one for a CLL specialist n maybe a GP. But I thought as a general question to throw out to the CLL community to see if there have been any non-CLL drugs that has caused “harm” towards your CLL fight/condition? By harm, I mean make your CLL condition worse or the drug (with CLL) gives you a bad adverse side affect or something else?

What I mean by drugs for this post question (Prescrip or non-prescrip, aka supplements) are the ones you take for “non-CLL reasons” like for example, drugs for a heart condition and say you take a blood pressure prescription drug and an aspirin (non-prescription drug) for that. Or you take a non-prescription drug (like D3) to help with a vitamin D deficiency.

Just wondering what drug(s) to look out for, to suggest (if possible) to “not taking” in the fight against CLL.... Especially any supplements that has “thrown a wrench” into the CLL fight.

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Great question!

It's a medical axiom that any treatment drug needs to likely provide more in the way of a potential reward than possible risk before it is prescribed and the potential interactions with other drugs and supplements should first be considered. All drugs, vitamins, supplements, herbal remedies and so on come with a potential risk of side effects and drug interactions. It's also not really possible to list all the drugs, supplements, herbal remedies, etc, that should be carefully considered, because there could be overriding reasons for taking them. That's why we need to firstly discuss with our medical team anything we are considering taking to hopefully improve our health. Anything which either stimulates or suppresses the immune system needs to be carefully considered as does anything which could potentially reduce platelet counts or clotting ability, i.e. 'blood thinners'. Immune system stimulants often claim to work by stimulating lymphocyte activity/production - as if we need more!!

This pinned post includes some references for checking drug interactions:

WebMD is also a good source of relevant information as is the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre 'About Herbs' database:

There's much more here in my first reply to this post:

With the relaxation of restrictions on cannabis derivatives world wide, it's probably specifically worth noting this research, which indicates that cannabinoids may give the appearance of improving the absolute lymphocyte count, but the CLL is not being killed off, but being driven into the nodes where it is more active.



Thank you once again Neil. I saw that and thought “can I put all that information into a post?” I would need to search your posts on the subject, and just like magic your answer appeared. Mahalos for your presence here, we are lucky.

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Agree ... “AwesomeNeil” he is !

The over the counter drug that I miss most , due to low platelets and being on Ibrutinib is Ibuprofen for all those chronic aches and pains.

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PacificCLL in reply to morepork

I was feeling pretty good when I could take naproxyn! Now it's like having a different body that is not working well.

Hello Pin57

I would check with your CLL doctor. There are several drugs which counter act CLL treatment drugs as well as having adverse effects with dosage issues. I would for example not take additional vit D without being tested for possible low levels. Not because vit D will harm you, but rather waste of money unless you need it. Some things like vit C can actually increase your WBC, both good and bad. Blessings.

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