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CLL Society/ CAR-T! Read the story of Dr. Brian Koffman's 3 years of durable remission post-CAR-T!

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bkoffmanCLL CURE Hero

CAR-T! March 21st marked three years since Dr. Brian Koffman received his genetically modified CAR-T cells. Read about his three years of durable remission here.

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Great story Brian. You are a real pioneer and an inspiration to us all.

Your strength and leadership in helping others is spectacular. You are the ultimate example that “Smart Patients Get Smart Care”. Congrats!

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bkoffmanCLL CURE Hero in reply to MrIvyLeague

Thanks so much.

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I can hardly believe it's been 3 years already!

Cheers and best wishes for many, many more years :)

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Congratulations Brian, Where did that 3 years go? Yet you and Patty have achieved so much in those 3 years.

Now to the next 30!

Neil and Joanna

At my first meeting with Dr. Byrd in 2015 at the James I spotted you in the waiting area and introduced myself. I had been following you for a while at that time. You have inspired me to get smart, stay smart and never give up. Thanks Brian. Congrats!

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bkoffmanCLL CURE Hero in reply to CaptRon1976

So glad we met.

Congratulations Brain you are an inspiration to us all.Ann

Inspirational - thank you.

Great to hear Brian

This is great stuff. Long may it last so you can continue being such a wonderful asset to our community. Thank you!

There isn’t a more respected doctor or patient than you. You are truly a “Cll Cure Hero “. I’m so happy for you and your family. God bless you Doc. Jeff

Thank you for all you do for all of us!Your refrain “ Stay strong , we are all in this together” is so encouraging and inspirational !

We appreciate your caring and expert medical knowledge ....You are a very special person!!

Continue to Enjoy good health going forward ...

Brilliant. X

Dr. Brian,

Your story is a powerful encouragement.

Your shared humility, perseverance, compassionate spirit, and strength are so valuable to this community.

Be well,


Thank you Brian!

Very inspirational, thank you.

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