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Took second Covid-19 shot results


Wow! Got the shot came home I was OK. Had a headache a little tired then the reaction hit:

- Flat on back in bed

- Temp went up to 104.2

- Shortness of breathe

- My body ached

- shot area swelled to about size of small egg and hurt

- Two days of this and was up but unstable and a little loss of memory

- My wife is a RN so I was in good hands. She insisted that I drink lots of water. Took Tylenol and later Ibuprofen.

- Third day up but weak but much better and unsteady.

- Arm inflamed, hurts but getting better.

- Glad to be alive- I thank God I’m alive.

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Wow! I just got second Pfizer yesterday. Just slight soreness around injection sight. Feeling fine. Will have spike protein semi quantative test in 3 weeks to see if I built up any antibodies.

Hope u feel better! 🙏💕

Eagles1 in reply to GMa27

My doctor at Dana Farber said that test isn’t available yet. I asked about getting it also.

wizzard166 in reply to Eagles1

Hey Eagles Fan

Did your Dr say if there is any test other than the spike protein one that is not available? I thought there was an antibody test currently available.

How do you feel about Wentz leaving? I'm not thrilled.


Eagles1 in reply to wizzard166


They suggested SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid antibody test. They alluded that the spike protein test was in development. I had the 2nd Pfizer shot yesterday, so I doubt if it will be ready in a few weeks.

I think the trade was a terrible deal. They got nothing of substance. Wentz wanted to reunite with Frank Reich, so I guess they conceited. Now they have no legitimate QB.


GMa27 in reply to Eagles1

Seems odd if Quest & Labcorp have it why wouldn't a cancer center have it. At least there are other places to get it. 🙏

Eagles1 in reply to GMa27

I totally agree. I asked my family doctor to prescribe it and had no idea about it.

Are you sure Quest and Labcorp has it?

GMa27 in reply to Eagles1

My PCP said he wasn't set up for it yet. Will call him next week to see if he got it. Quest & Labcorp have CPT codes for it. I am walking into my Quest tomorrow to confirm if they have it & then schedule it for 3 weeks. 🙏🙏

Eagles1 in reply to GMa27

Can you please let me know what you find out? Thank you

ferne in reply to GMa27

Just had the wrong test done at quest two weeks after the second Pfizer vaccine. No antibodies. We are planning to redo this week at LabCorp. Seems like the word “spike “ is important.

GMa27 in reply to ferne

Yes it's called Spike Protein Semi Quantative antibody test. Why can't you go back to Quest?

ferne in reply to GMa27

I have the specifics for Labcorp

TEST 164055

CPT: 86769

I didn’t have for Quest. The phlebotomist asked her supervisor and this is what happened. Negative for SARS CoV 2 AB IGG and IGM , IA

for both of us... I ran fever after the second dose, so was hoping.

Stay safe everyone!

GMa27 in reply to ferne

Interesting....CPT codes are same for both places. Only the test codes are different.


I am glad you are beginning to feel better. Which vaccine did you get?

I suppose we have to be ready for any reaction esp. for the 2nd dose, as there are reactions being reported, from none to a few, to a bundle like your reaction.

halldp in reply to cllady01

Modurna. Thanks for asking

halldp in reply to cllady01

You’re right. Here in San Diego there are 6% that have received the second shot. What I’m hearing is the second shot reactions are widely varied. Of course with CLL your immune system is compromised, mine did come through for me thank God. I’m not prone to dramatics, but I thought I was “a goner”. I prayed a lot and still do.

My wonderful RN wife Kathy was there for every step. She even called my primary care doc and conferred with him.

I not only have CLL but, other cardiac issues.

I stay in good shape by AM push ups, sit-ups, stretches and walk about 2 miles a day, 3 days week.

This does a lot my general attitude and makes me feel good.

cllady01Volunteer in reply to halldp

halldp, your reactions are scary. We are all different but we really don't know in what areas in regard to vaccines or other medicines until we take them. I am one who wants to know all the possibilities so I really appreciate the reports.

With your regimen of taking care of yourself, you seem to be taking it all in stride--barring the obvious scare and feeling you wouldn't make it. I am glad you have wife and that she is an RN so knew how to navigate the medical needs--and when to call a Dr. to at least get some feedback on your situation. I am sure she was scared too.

Take care and I know you and she are watching the inflamed arm for any spreading of the redness.

Let us know how things go for you in that regard--keep drinking the liquids.

Which vaccine did you have? Glad you are able to give details. I was given a contact sheet to report my experience to the CDC from the pharmacy after my first shot.

halldp in reply to lexie

Modurna- Thanks for asking.

I do want to note that I’m 78 yrs old, but don’t let your age get in the way. Stay positive. Stay away from anything negative.

Mental attitude is important, especially for those with chronic conditions.

I don’t use this site often, but it’s wonderful to share things like this.

Big_Dee in reply to halldp

Hello halldp

When diagnosed with CLL, my doctor told me 90% of the battle is being positive. So right you are. Blessings.

Oh feel scared to having 2nd jab,l wish l had not read this 😪l hope you are feeling better now

halldp in reply to sun_flower

Ahhhh, cmon Sun_Flower, you have to remember, I’m kind of an old dude with lots of issues.

You’ll be ok. Maybe a sore arm and a little off the second day. You need that shot. Go and be happy you’re beating the nasty Covid.

sun_flower in reply to halldp

💕yes l know thank you 🤔

I’m getting my second shot March 2nd.... oooh I do hope it’s not as bad. Thank you for sharing because now I kinda know what to expect. I too am taking The Moderna vaccine!

Eagles1 in reply to Dghb

I got my 2nd shot yesterday and I have no fever, but do have soreness at the injection site and a bad headache.

I’m getting my second Pfizer shot next week. First one was nothing but find myself hoping I do feel crappy for a few days afterwards as I understand that means my immune system still has some fight in it. I’m 9 years younger than you as well as 9 years into CLL but with no other major issues other than over weight.

I know my first shingrix shot a few years back was a walk in the park but the second one got my attention for sure although nothing like you are describing.

About 10 days ago I got my 2nd Moderna shot. I had the same reaction as with Moderna shot #1 - sore arm and tiredness for 2 days. Glad to have gotten the shot.

For those of us with CLL, the COVID-19 vaccine isn't for the weak of heart. YIKES!! Hope you're feeling better.

I had the second shot on Thursday Morning, and only had soreness and slight swelling in the shoulder on the first day. On the second day I went out and did some things from 8am until home at 1pm. I was exhausted and didnt feel good, so I went to bed and actually slept for six hours. It was a struggle getting up, but once I did I was alright until going to bed around midnight. Yesterday Saturday was two full days and I was basically fine. I had Moderna too, and my symptoms were nothing like yours.

My wife who is healthy also had the second shot on Friday Morning. She too only had soreness and slight swelling the day of the shot. The next day she too was tired and had aches and pains like a flu, but no fever. Today she is now fine.

Does anyone know if there is a test I can go for to see if i got any antibodies from the two vaccine shots? I'm in the US in Florida. If there is a test, do you know how long I wait before I go and take it?


Sorry to hear you had such a bad reaction to the 2nd shot. Did you also have a badreaction to the first as well?

The first vaccine went fine - just red swollen arm. The 2nd dose I had Friday - woke up 3am next morning w/ 102* fever , coughing / respiratory chills and a headache from hell.Tylenol and fluids was about all I was interested in. Woke up this am w/ no fever and a sore arm so I too had some minor probs. Glad I'm done , for now.. My head hurt so bad it was hard lying on a pillow ! Today just tired of course. Don't get alarmed by these stories - the majority gets the vaccines w/ little or no effects


I am having second Pfizer vaccine on March 6. Took about 8 hours before my whole arm hurt badly and then injection site was bruised. The next day I was fine. In fact so fine I couldn't believe I felt so good. Had labs done two days later snd WBC was higher but other numbers were great, almost like my whole immune system was boosted. Now, a week and a half later my blood pressure is soaring!! Not sure if related because nothing else has happened. Is there iodine in the vaccine? Just curious because I'm also a thyroid cancer survivor and had total thyroidectomy in 2012. I'm wondering if it has caused an allergy or allergic reaction to iodine as I'm realizing everything I've been eating lately is high in iodine ??