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Has your state prioritized cancer patients to receive the COVID-19 vaccine? Use our link to find out CLL Society has called every state + DC

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bkoffmanCLL CURE Hero

The COVID-19 vaccine! Has your state prioritized cancer patients to receive the COVID-19 vaccine? CLL Society has called every state + Washington D.C. to find out! This is the link you need. (Accurate at the time of posting). If your state does not currently prioritize cancer patients to receive the vaccine, forward the letter we provide to your state health department officials. It asks them to quickly consider moving CLL and other cancer patients to the front of the COVID-19 vaccine line. Ask your friends and family to do the same. Lives will be saved, maybe even your own. cllsociety.org/covid-19-vac...

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Thanks Brian - just emailed a letter to the state of California

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bkoffmanCLL CURE Hero in reply to MrIvyLeague


Thanks, sent mine also, the other issue is the lack of information, disorganization and shortage Of vaccines!

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bkoffmanCLL CURE Hero in reply to Superdad3

Thanks. Yes, even if we are first in line , it doesn't help if there is no vaccine to give,

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Superdad3 in reply to bkoffman

Also, the prioritized Cancer population is included with numerous other health issues including heart, diabetes etc.. which i understand but they also included smokers which I don’t believe has an age restriction. It dramatically increases this prioritized group. Difficult to understand the rationale.

Just sent mine. Thanks for posting.


Sent. Thanks for letting us know.

Thanks for providing this easy to use request. OHio is using age rather than illness or condition to prioritize (after high risk occupation)

I live in VA — I am considered group 1b here but I think the problem is that we’ve found the stockpile that they said was there is actually not as stocked as first thought and group 1b is a HUGE grouping of people - I’m afraid that we still may have a hard time getting it. I was told by my doctor it may be mid/end March before they are ready here. I have heard it does differ from state to state.

Gee what a shocker!! My state has not! (Not that I thought they would have). No problem.

Just sent mine. Ironically, in my state, I will get the vaccine because I am a teacher before I will receive it due to CLL. All I know is that I have never looked so forward to receiving a shot in my life! LOL.

I just sent it to Florida State ! (Which up to now is disorganized and chaotic...)

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Rachat35 in reply to janvog

Same here! If enough of us send it it may make a difference.

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janvog in reply to Rachat35

Great !

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PMKNSE in reply to janvog

I’m in Florida as well. It’s ridiculous.

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janvog in reply to PMKNSE

Hang in there! At least its Spring in January ....

Just mailed it in. Ironically, my MIL who has CLL could have gotten the vaccine already due to her age, but has been too afraid to get it due to fearmongering on the news, despite her Dr.s and family's best efforts. So frustrating.

Thanks for this!! I’m actually surprised to find Oregon listed as a state that has us next in line as there has been no mention of this in media or through any of my doctors. I understood that after healthcare/first responders/etc. we’re k-12 teachers and then older age categories. I guess we’ll see!

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brumblr in reply to CoCoLuna11

Yes you are right. Oregon is a tough one. If you look at the state plan, it is not as clear as most as to when those with any comorbidities will be eligible. However, in looking at the plan (if they stick to it), on pages 42 and 53 it does state that they will be vaccinating those who are at risk of having severe COVID disease in phase 1B. Now, as to when they get to phase 1B-that is the question! But those with CLL would definitely be next up. Heres the state plan. :) oregon.gov/oha/covid19/Docu...

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CoCoLuna11 in reply to brumblr

Oh! Thank you for that information.

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