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Covid Vaccine

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Would like to know current thoughts on the vaccine particularly Astra Zeneca Oxford as it is a live vaccine. I read somewhere along the line that CLL patients can’t have live vaccines and wonder if this is true. Am so anxious to have it but at the same time this latest news is quite disturbing

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I have just posted the following`;

"The Only group that one would be cautious about using the Oxford vaccine for people who’s immunity is suppressed or compromised because it is a live virus although not a human virus, I think that individuals who are immune compromised, clearly we want to protect them, and the Pfizer vaccine would be more appropriate for them”

Taken from BBC News Interview with Professor David Salisbury former director of Immunisation Department of Health

Hi I have been told both vaccines are not live and suitable for those with CLL.Ann

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lankisterguyVolunteer in reply to annmcgowan

Hi Ann,The first two approved in the USA (Pfizer & Moderna) are NOT live,

but the first two approved in UK include the Oxford - Astra Zeneca vaccine which is a live Chimpanzee vaccine.


I was under the impression that none of the vaccines were live. I’ve have been told by my CLL doctor plus a second opinion to take any that is offered. Now I’m worried again.

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CLLPLODDER in reply to Hazel33

Sorry Hazel. I too had been told by my CLL specialist that non were live but then last night’s evening news a statement made by a Professor David Salisbury stated caution was needed in people with compromised immune systems and the Pfizer one should be given to the likes of us. I’m now totally confused!

No live Covid19 vaccine has been approved by the MHRA or FDA.

I didn’t hear the interview but I doubt if Professor Salisbury explained the logistics of separating us from other at risk patients so two different vaccines can be given. We have just been given more to worry about.


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Shooey in reply to mrsjsmith

Agree Colette, just another stress that we don’t need! I had a phone consult with Addenbrookes a couple of weeks ago and was told that Pfizer is the one for me as it’s not live. My nearest hospitals offering the Pfizer jab are some 30 miles away but happy to travel if I can get it obviously. I’ll contact Addenbrookes to see what they suggest. Of course our next worry when we’ve had it will be the wait to see if we’ve managed a reaction. Fortunately I have a very good local GP who I hope will do the necessary blood test to answer that question. I’m also concerned about the 12 week delay to get the booster, while I understand the logic behind it I feel this suits the government’s agenda and not scientific evidence provided.

I would be prepared to consider paying for the Pfizer jab but haven’t seen anywhere that this is an option.

Keep warm

Best wishes


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mrsjsmith in reply to Shooey

Hi Shooey,

I asked my CNS about getting the vaccine in hospital but she said there were no plans as yet for patients to be invited into the hub. A different type of watch and wait. I am sure if I get a call from the surgery the receptionist will have no idea which one I will get.

I for the moment will stick with Professor Saul Faust’s recent advice that they are both fine for CLL patients.


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Shooey in reply to mrsjsmith

Thanks Colette, us CLLers are used to watching and waiting aren’t we! Hopefully it won’t be too long.Shooey

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IWVC in reply to Shooey

I followed up these posts with my CLL nurse who said that he was not aware that the Oxford / Astra Zenica vaccine was live but to check with my GP. I did and was told that two GPs in the practice were adamant that neither vaccine in use was live, so I have accepted that I will probably get the Astra Zenica one as it is more likely to be rolled out to my local surgery. I cannot find an original reference or transcript of Prof. Salisbury's comments. He certainly has been used quite frequently as an expert in pandemic discussions.

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Shooey in reply to IWVC

Thanks IWVC , appreciate your efforts in getting this confirmed.Shooey

Hi. I’ve read/watched just about everything I can about Covid, and everyone has said that NO vaccines this year will be live, and my husband has been advised to get any vaccine he is offered.I’m not medically trained, of course, but I think I’m correct in saying that the Oxford vaccine will be safe.

Fran 😉

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