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18 month Follow up results with Ibrutinib/Venetoclax clinical trial


I have been for 18 months in the clinical trial for fixed duration of the phase 2 study of the combination of Ibrutinib plus Venetoclax for treatment naive patients.

I became MRD negative after 8 months on the drugs and just got the results of my 3rd bone marrow biopsy: I am still MRD negative!!!

My bone marrow was 85% infiltrated at the onset of the trail.

Thanks to Dr Tom Kipps, Dr Michael Choi and the oncology team at UCSD Moore Cancer Center.

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Excellent result!!!

Did you continue with a full dose during the final 10 months after having achieved MRD negative?

Or did you stop the medication when MRD negative was first known?

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You just have to take the drugs for 15 months. I've been off now for 3 months

Another winner! Such great news!


This is great news lamboman. So what is the trial protocol for you now? Do you get off all meds at some point? You lab rats are ushering in a great new era of drugs for all of us. It’s much appreciated. 👍👏

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Off the drugs now for 3 months. Next visit in 6 months and then once a year. Blood work and CTScans only

Whoop !!!

Great news for all of us.

That's really the reason why I posted this. There is a lot of hope here. The remission might be as deep as what chemo did in the past for a small patient population.

Excellent news and very happy to hear for you!!

Also very encouraging as I am being offered a trial in France from French FILO for a trial FCR vs I+V.

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I hope you get to be on the I+V arm.

Bon courage, je suis français également.


We are reading of plenty people who are MRD negative on this combination and it's brilliant news. Very happy for you :)


Congratulations. My husband finished the Captivate Trial (venetoclax and ibrutinib) of 15 months duration, three months ago. Last week we had confirmation that there was no evidence of CLL anywhere, including the bone marrow. Previously bone marrow was approx 99% CLL. The trial went well, no problems except a small amount of fatigue and a (scary) fever and skin infection the the last week of treatment.

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Congratulations to you and your husband as well!!! 👌🎉❤️

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Thanks for posting this like I did. Our CLL buddies need to know this trial works for a lot of us wether we are treatment naive or relapsed.

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Congratulations. Great news!

Great news!

Fran 😊

Congratulations, Lamboman!!! 🍷🎉❤️ Wonderful news!

Fabulous news! I hope it lasts a really long time for you!

Excellent news!!! Alan

Fantastic news!

There is so much hope in the future of this disease!

Awesome, What are your deletions lamboman?

Great news. Thanks for sharing. Sally

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