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Walking as much as I can


Managed to walk the seven sisters yesterday on a lovely sunny day. Over the years since diagnosis I have managed to keep walking

Photo for those not as lucky and not able to get out and about. Seaford Head in the distance

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Wow! What scenery!

Incredible photo!

Lovely photograph,

I have been there but didn’t do much of a walk, but a beautiful part of the country and well worth a visit !



I've been walking there and on a lovely day there is nothing better.

Great photo! :)


Lovely area. Done that several times from 60s up to date. Keep it up.

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Done it twice this year so hope to do it at least once more before weather changes - absolutely stunning on the right day

Wow! Now that’s a coastline! Envious of that one. Well done you!

Peggy 😀


Top pic!

Nature is so therapeutic!

Thanks for sharing this.


Myrddin, after my bout of hemolytic anemia I couldn't walk across the room without getting winded. I loved my walks, they are meditative for me, but didn't know how much I enjoyed them until I physically couldn't do them.

My goal this year, now that my red cells stopped offing each other, is to walk 1000 miles. I figure that's about 2.8 miles a day, not that much but a lot compared to what I could do during my anemia days. I am happily ahead of pace, hope to get my 1000 by October.

I can tell you this. I would have 1000 miles already if I had that view for my walk. The view reminds me of the cliff in Broadchurch, a British murder mystery show I binge watched. Olivia Colman is a wonderful actress, she was great in the night manager too.

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Similar and yes she is amazing ! 🙂

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When diagnosed I was not able to walk any great distance even on the flat - no energy at all - but over time have managed to walk much further. Starting VIT D supplements made a difference to my energy levels and mood. This walk as I do it is 12km (7.5 miles) and 90 staircases according to my phone, but can be shortened at various points of the circuit if I am struggling. When I started the walk I was already feeling tired so not sure I would get around but was able to get through the tiredness, often the way, and as you say the views do help as well as the numerous groups and individuals enjoying the walk. Always carry a camera - a great excuse to stop frequently. I have been walking the Sussex river Ouse from source to the coast in sections, nearly done - helps to have a goal. Good luck with your 1000 miles target.

Beautiful - very inspiring. Just started to read Raynor Winn's The Salt Path, her account of her walk of The South West Coast Path with her husband, something I have always wanted to do.

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On my to do list - done a few short sections - quite a challenge not just the 630 miles but the elevation - stunning scenery when weather good

What a gorgeous view for a walk. Thank you for sharing.


Great photo. We are lucky enough to live in this part of the world and know the Seven Sisters, Birling Gap, Alfriston area very well

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That photo reminded me how lucky we are to live in this area. I can see Seaford Head from my bedroom window. I was up there walking 2 days ago so might even be a tiny dot in the distance in Myrdinn’s photo!


Looks beautiful! Getting out into nature is a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing.

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