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Balance issues

I was diagnosed with CLL about 18 months ago. Early stages so not having any treatment yet but recently have started to develop a weakness on one side and also started to experience balance issues. Doyou think this is at all CLL related?

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I never had balance issues. Nodes can cause problems depending on location.

Could be your ears or eyeglasses. I would speak to hematologist first then see either GP or ENT. 💕


Thanks for taking the time to reply

Saw a second neurologist yesterday and he thinks my balance issues are not connected to my CLL which is good news He has ruled out neuropathy. The bad news is he suspects either a minor stroke or even MS! More tests required including a lumber puncture.

Thanks again to all who replied.

Good to have support out there


My step daughter thought she might have MS. She had balance problems. It ended up to just be stress. A few tests and they can tell if stroke or MS. Hopefully just stress for you too! She is fine now. 💕


See your doctor immediately it could be a stroke


Seeing neurologist tomorrow

Thanks for reply


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