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Yale study uncovers how gut bacteria can affect whether drugs work or not

More mysteries of how our gut microbiome can affect treatment responses:

"It's still quite a mystery to scientists why certain drugs work well in some people and are completely ineffective in others. Work by a team of researchers from Yale University suggests a person's unique gut bacteria population could affect how different oral drugs are metabolized, and a new study, for the first time, has measured how a number of different bacteria interact with over 200 common medications.

Only recently have scientists begun to investigate the effects of the gut microbiome on the efficacy of different therapeutic drugs. The most advanced area of study has been connecting gut bacteria to the success, or failure, of new types of cancer treatments.


Strikingly, the results showed 176 of the examined drugs were negatively affected by at least one bacterial strain. It was discovered that tracking the direct presence of a specific bacterial species was not the most effective way to predict how much a drug's activity would be effected. Instead, it was the presence of certain enzymes produced by the microbes that could better predict how a drug would be influenced."


The cancer treatment reference in the article relates specifically to checkpoint inhibitors, which haven't yet shown much in the way of success with CLL.


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So much to learn about the gut. I think most of our immune system is thought to be influenced by the gut. In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it has

thought to be a huge contributing factor.

Thank you for posting!


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