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Food an Health

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Food and Health

I watch the documentary last night it’s on Netflix it’s called

What The Health

Having been diagnosed with CLL in 2015

I was thinking I was eating a lot healthier after watching this documentary it seems I haven’t been. It’s something I recommend you all watch

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I don't know how the movie producer picked the doctors he talked to but after 20 minutes of out of date and incorrect information I had to stop watching it.

- Even if you believe high cholesterol causes heart disease (I don't) there are studies clearly showing that dietary cholesterol has little effect on blood cholesterol levels.

- The idea that dietary fat, not carbs, causes obesity is just wrong. Ask anyone on a low carb diet whether they gained or lost weight.

- Bacon and sausage and other high fat meats have been in our diets long before the obesity and diabetes epidemic occurred. The timing matches much better to the high consumption of colas and processed foods, like breakfast cereals, with very high levels of sugar.

- I do believe there is a link between cancer and nitrates and nitrites in processed meats. However not all processed meats contain them, even though you would think that from watching the movie.

He's made an interesting movie but I don't trust his selection of data and experts.

As noted in another post today you have to carefully read studies to see what was proven vs. what was just found to be correlated. I want to see more than just the single studies that he waved in the movie.

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Right on! Thank you bhayes84.


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