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My father has CCL


My father was diagnosed with CCL 4 Years ago and has been having regular blood test to moniter it. Unfortunately his last blood test came back with his white blood cell count over 70. His GP has told him to have another in 3 months time to see the count then and if its the same he might have to start treatment. The worrying thing is not only the 3 month wait but the fact that his kidneys are only working at 50%. Does anyone now if the kidney problem would affect him having treatment.

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Good to see you being there for your dad. The best thing you can do for him right now is to encourage him to see a specialist experienced in CLL, because a white blood cell count of 70, 100 or even 200 is not an indication to start treatment. What's important is how rapidly it is growing and a range of even more critical symptoms.

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Good kidney function is important during treatment, but there's a possibility that it's your father's CLL that's causing his kidney function issue. If that's the case, treatment should restore his kidney function. Another good reason to see a specialist.


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Thank you Neil,

I will make an appointment to see his GP with him and find out why he hasn't been referred back to his specialist.


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