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I've got a lymph node in my neck that swells roughly every 3 months. It is very painful and last measurement was 3 cm. I haven't been able to get a biopsy because by the time the appointment gets scheduled the node shrinks and the doctors won't do a biopsy because the node is too close to my curadid artery. They said that a painful lymph node is good because if it was cancerous it wouldn't be painful. I'm frustrated, any thoughts?

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Have you been diagnosed with CLL?


Hi, I was dx with CLL 5 years ago and I have a small lymph node in my neck that practically disappears most of the time, but occasionally swells. In Sept 2017 I had a few days of sniffles and a sore throat but several lymph nodes in my neck swelled and were very painful, to the extent that moving my neck was so very uncomfortable. I contacted the hospital, got an emergency apt and was told the same as you, if a lymph node is swollen it means it is doing its job. He also said that I may have an infection that the lymph node has "caught" but I haven't actually experienced any symptoms.

I was sent for a CT Scan on my whole body which showed several slightly enlarged nodes but nothing that they were concerned about. I was told to keep a diary of when my node swells and try to spot if I had been feeling unwell at the same time, or had anyone around me been ill at the time.

I am very pro active about staying away from family and friends when they are ill but cannot avoid every infection.

I am still on w&w with regular blood tests and check ups.

Perhaps you could chart your health and see if your node swells after a cold or an infection and use this to show the doctor.

All the best Anne.


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