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Getting travel insurance whilst on Flair trial


My husband has been on the Flair trial for just over a year. We are having trouble finding travel insurance, probably made worse because he is on a trial. All the time he was on watch and wait there was no problem being insured with World First but once we declared he was having treatment and on a trial they said they couldn't insure him any more. In the last they have insured us for a very reasonable cost for annual insurance.

We would prefer annual cover as our daughter now lives in France but our immediate problem is we would love a week away in say Portugal, celebrating our Ruby wedding anniversary, which is this Sunday. If it comes to it we will insure for just the week we will be away but even that is proving impossible.

We would really welcome any help or experience with this. All the sites start off saying they will cover you then at the end of the quote they say they can't.

We're new to this site but can already see how invaluable everyone's help and experience is.

Thanks all

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I have not used this company but going by the examples listed, maybe you will have some success.


I would be interested to know if they will insure people on the FLAIR trial as I also am on the trial and would like to travel within the EU.


Have you tried insurewith.com. they may insure your husband but they have a higher excess.


Try allclear .You may need to phone them and they will speak with you and ask a few questions etc before offering you insurance .

Macmillen may also help with a list of insurance company's that may be able to help .

Might take a few phone calls though .

Best of luck

Brenda .


I'm surprised at your difficulties with World First as I renewed my annual policy with them in August, while not only being on the Flair Trial, but also having had my prostate removed in June following a cancer diagnosis. I also extended my single trip cover from 4 to 6 weeks. I spoke with a very helpful person who also sorted out the complication of my renewal date being in September while we would be away.


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