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The killing power of a sneeze

The killing power of a sneeze

Here are the numbers: a sneeze leaves your nose at up to 320 kilometres per hour; up to 40,000 virally-loaded droplets are expelled and travel for up to eight metres; many of those droplets can stay suspended for up to 10 minutes.

A cough isn’t as powerful – 50kph and 3,000 droplets — but still impressive. Those droplets can contain 200 million individual virus particles.


In an open-plan office, two or three sneezes and you — a one-person hit squad — have potentially infected everybody in the room. Plus, you’ve jetted several loads of micro-mucous into the ceiling ventilation system. So, you’re well on the way to bringing down the entire floor.

From an article on why people should take sick days : thenewdaily.com.au/life/wel...

And that's to protect non-immune compromised people!!


PS The article does contain a list of steps on how to contain infection for those unwell and still going to work. Might be handy to print out and hand to your coughing and sneezing work colleagues.

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Good post and reminder, the info is not to be sneezed at.....I'll get me coat....

UK Marc


And this is why, if I see someone sneezing or coughing in a supermarket aisle or on the sidewalk ahead of me, I quickly turn and head in the opposite direction rather than walking through the spray. Then I go home and use the Netti Pot.

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