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Summer Delivery of Ibrutinib

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No need for Ice anymore. The "GLACIER ICE' packs that Diplomat Pharmacy uses for summer time shipments of ibrutinib are perfect for cooling my fresh-picked, blanched green beans!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.


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We used mine to take cold water to the beach. Worked well.

Does everyone get ice with their ibrutinib delivery? Mine just arrives in a FedEx box, ice not included.

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gardening-girl in reply to kimiD

kimiD, In June-September Diplomat ships my ibrutinib overnight via UPS in a styrofoam container with two ice packs. The rest of the year it is delivered overnight in a little box without ice. I'm located in Tennessee, USA where summer temperatures are frequently in the 90s.


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Storygirl in reply to kimiD

I'm in Pennsylvania and get mine with ice in styrofoam box -- very cool.

Yep....mine doesn't come with ice either, I guess because is because it's California (?)

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MsLockYourPostsVolunteer in reply to Que-sera-sera

Southern CA? Given some of the heat we've had this summer I would question why you are not receiving yours with ice packs if you're in So. CA. Trucks usually aren't air conditioned and can get very hot.

I see your point. Do you get yours with ice in SoCal? Well I hope 80's heat (when we get it) doesn't affect much, cause in reality the med probably spends more time in my car than it does in the shipping! (Good thing I don't live inland I guess).

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MsLockYourPostsVolunteer in reply to Que-sera-sera

The medication that I used to get delivered, which is one that is supposed to be refrigerated, was supposed to come with ice. Once it arrived with the required ice pack, but one that was long past cooling anything.

I have to say I was surprised to hear that some folks are receiving their ibrutinib packed in ice! I think I remember reading quite some time ago that it isn't necessary, not anymore than most other medications. Of course my medication is given to me from a specialty pharmacy right at my oncologist's clinic. So I just pick it up at the window as I would from any other pharmacy. Occasionally they mail it to me, but no special handling is required.

I live in south/central Texas where the average summer temps are about 98 degrees. I hope there is no need for ice with my ibrutintib. Typically they deliver overnight FedEx and I am usually home on delivery day.

I never had special cooling for Imbruvica except this last January I started on a new insurance and since then it has been delivered with ice.

My word! We're worlds apart. I stand in an icy hospital pharmacy queue to get mine. This time of year they sit in a cold drawer in my frosty kitchen - no need for ice packs in the UK this winter!

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