Explains Cll & bug bites & hives

After a summer of skin infections bug bites and hives this info explains why.


Cll is different for each of us, we're all at different stages and chemistry but I hope this may help. The only topical that has helped me to close and heal bites and hives is a silver gel. I found Silver Solution worked well-a dab on a bandaid or bandage and the wounds close up in a couple of days. We all react differently so best to check with dr. before trying this. be well-bill


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15 Replies

  • Thanks for sharing Bill.


  • Hey Sue-Hope you are good. I have mixed feelings as the summer slowly fades, never really got out there. Possible starting the big I next week. Perhaps next summer will be more active. Cheers!

  • Oh wow! Just spent a little while visiting beautiful Vermont images to get an idea of where you live an ocean away from me.

    Seems mosquitoes are the price you are paying for living in such a beautiful area. How I wish for your sake that it was not so. Thank heavens you have found something that works for you.

    Good luck with treatment.

    Best wishes


  • In the full text of the article, they write "Oral glucocorticoids (40 mg/day) can be effective in the treatment of insect bite-like reactions and exaggerated reactions to insect bites " under the section "Insect bite and insect bite-like reaction." I wonder if anyone tried that? My father suffers from bites which cause dense itching nodes on his skin.

  • Artkula,

    I use the dermatologist prescribed cortisone cream but last visit with her I explained it just wasn't working well enough and I get red swollen welts.

    She prescribed prednisone 1- 10 mg tab for two days but the prescription was for a quantity of 20 pills to last for several bites

    It worked wonders. I only use them as prescribed and when I have an exceptionally bad insect bite reaction.

    I highly recommend having this available to you and in the cubbord full of meds.


    PS- My hematologist was fine with this low dose.

  • try an antibiotic cream called bactroban- great for bites that may get infected

  • Skin infections seem to be my weakness. I use a very weak bleach solution on injuries. Recommended by my dermatologist. He also said that some people carry staph...


  • fyi- I looked at the Silver solution and the Mayo Clinic does not like it.


  • Thanks Hoffy-Glad I only used 2 tubes of the stuff.

  • If it works I guess it is good externally. I use neosporin or a prescription strength type on cuts.

  • One may want to checked their IgE. At high levels from CLL it causes bug bite reactions and I think much bigger reactions with bug bites. My IgE has gone down with treatment from 1300 to 150. I seem to itch less and have less of a reaction to bug bites. IgE is a separate test from IGG, IGA, IGM. I am on a clincal trial at UCSD San Diego combining Ibruvica and Venetoclax. Some far it is going well without too many side effects. I am 17P deleted.

  • Best wishes with the trail, glad it's going well.

  • Thank you !

  • Update. The name of the prescribed cream is Clobetasol Propionate 0.05%


  • Thanks Jeff. be well. bill

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