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High Response Rate Seen With CD19 CAR T-Cell Therapy in CLL

Treatment with CD19 chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-modified T-cell therapy induced a high response rate in patients with high-risk, ibrutinib-refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), according to results recently published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Twenty-four patients with relapsed/refractory CLL were included in the analysis for the phase I/II study and received lymphodepleting chemotherapy and anti-CD19 CAR-T cell-infusion at 1 of 3 dose levels—2 X 105, 2 X 106, or 2 X 107 CAR-T cells/kg). At 4 weeks postinfusion, the overall response rate (ORR) was 71% (17 of 24), according to International Workshop on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (IWCLL) criteria.

Source: oncnursingnews.com/web-excl...

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