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Not sure what to say

We saw Dr Shuh for the first time, hubbys HB has dropped to 8.1 but wbc was 85, platelets were 139

He is no longer suffering with iron defiancy anaemia, that reading was good, but he is still suffering with anaemia. A blood transfusion is out of the question as she said, they could do it once, you'll feel good, but might need a further transfusion further down the line !!!!

Appointment set for 2 months to see how his HB level is and if it hasn't risen any, she is looking at doing a bone marrow test. She then said chemo treatment may then be necessary once all results are back.

Has anyone else gone through this.

Our appt at dermatology on Tuesday was also strange. Histology wasn't back, but nurse did say there were a couple of queries (my stomach did a flip) she immediately said it wasnt melanoma, they just weren't sure if it was (a) not actually skin cancer (b) bcc or (c) scc. We left it that they would write and let us know the outcome but anything major they would phone.

Very confused


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