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Ed Victor, legendary literary agent, who died last week, had CLL

Ed Victor, legendary literary agent, died June 7th, age 77 of a heart attack . He had CLL, diagnosed at age 60. Here is a piece from Daily Mail 2010 describing his experience:

What I take from this is how we have come in such a short time.....

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Very uplifting and encouraging article. Interesting that the CLL infiltrated his eye. I know that is very rare. He lived his life to the fullest. Hopefully we can all do that!


Shortly after I was diagnosed I found this guy's inspirational story and could identify with his need not to be viewed as weak or vulnerable. The infiltration of his optic nerve and hearing loss terrified me and made me realise just how far reaching this condition can be.

CLL has moved on massively even in the five years since my diagnosis and I'm so pleased to hear that Ed Victor benefitted from those advances. Sad however to hear of his passing but he obviously had a great life and the love of so many in spite of the challenges CLL threw harshly at him.



He had a great life and a great run even with the unpredictability of his disease. Thank you so much for posting his story. 🦊


It is encouraging isn't it. I am glad to note that the eye problem is rare!


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