TOOTH Extraction Should I Shouldn't I ?

Hi all - Hope today you are all as well as well as can be :-) I'm off to see my lovely lady dentist today for a second tooth fitting re my upper left incisor ( All OK as it was a baby tooth with no replacement ? So did well to hang on to it - Plus I'm having a denture - No screws ! Update - I lost the first one she did - Please don't ask very expensive mistake :-( ) Anyway in the mean time I've had a big chunk of my back right molar break off. This tooth (root) was and has been dead for a good few years now and has had various works on but have had and have no pain thank goodness ! However it does look pretty grim and I've a feeling that my dentist will suggest filling / building it up again ? ( Last time that happened I had not been diaognosed with CLL ) and as it's the last molar remaining ( bottom right hand side of my mouth she's concerned about me be able to chew ) God this is an unattractive subject - Sorry ! Anyway I think I should opt to have it pulled anyway ( Not today ) as I think it will always present as a potential bacteria breeding ground and I sometime wonder if my runny right eye and sinus sensitivity could be exacerbated by this anyway ? Any thoughts, experience, advice always gratefully received -Thank you - 🙋🏻 x

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  • Pull it

  • Talk to your dentist and be clear that you have a compromised immune system and request prophelatic antibiotics prior to any dental work...

    There are no specific guideline by the ADA, but it is common practice. My dental surgeon always requests a blood test as well, prior to any operation...


  • Ballyhoo is a man of few words! I just had to have a molar removed because it was getting infected. My dentist talk to my oncologist and cleared everything. I am on Ibrutinib and was concerned about bleeding. But everything went just fine. I may have to have an implant. Not excited about that. Di

  • I'm on the same drug. Did you have to go off the ibrutnib before the extraction? I thought I read that I'd have to go off it for a few days before dental surgery. I also need a tooth pulled, not hurting but know it should come out, but am putting it off because of uncertainty about bleeding and stopping the drug.

  • I have had similar situations. My dentist always wants to save the tooth if possible. I have had several root canals and then crowns or bridges and everything is fine.

  • I had a molar extraction 3 years after chemo - I told the dentist about the CLL and slightly low platelets, but it all went fine... a bit of minor bleeding and pain for a couple of days, no big deal.

    No dentures yet, but chewing is slow going with few molars left!

    My dog-walking companion had an 'interesting' experience a few weeks ago - he dropped his dentures, and his labrador pounced, and ate them! Now, that was an expensive mistake...

  • Not sure but make sure to take antibiotics . Check with doctor.

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