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Preclinical data for reversible BTK inhibitor RXC005

Preclinical data for reversible BTK inhibitor RXC005 presented at the 17th International Workshop of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

15 May 2017

The poster, entitled "RXC005, a Potent and Selective, Reversible BTK Inhibitor Targeting both Wild-type and Mutant C481S BTK with Potent Efficacy in ABC-DLBCL Xenograft Mouse Models", demonstrated that RXC005 successfully inhibits wild-type BTK and C481S mutant BTK, as well as B-Cell Receptor signalling in ABC-DLBCL cell lines and importantly primary CLL cells.

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Still a few years away but I love ❤️ progress. Thanks for posting



Certainly will be a while before trials and any approval but good to see the development of next generation candidates are underway. We need as many options as possible when treatment needed especially with side effects and resistance in the mix.

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