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Travel insurance (again) - UK

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I have previously recommended good2go on here, as WorldFirst had been really unhelpful.

However this morning good2go gave me a quote for 2 weeks in Cuba for £762 or £985 for two people (only one with CLL which is in complete remission). the difference was the level of cancellation and baggage cover

I have just come off the phone from another company called Insurancewith (all one word - Exactly the same details - £137!!!!!

Their online quotation system asked all the right questions - current status, white cell count, platelet count (well perhaps they should have asked for lymphocyte count rather than white cell count, but I was not going to argue with them). At the end it did say please ring us which was frustrating. There was a 10 minute delay waiting for the phone to be answered but it was well worth it - apparently they have been inundated with calls since it was recommended by one of the tabloid journalists (I refuse to name the newspaper!!).

So, Cuba here we come, and i highly recommend Insurancewith


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Good to hear positive Insurance story!

Woohoo! Always wanted to go to Cuba. Have a fantastic time.

That is indeed brilliant news - enjoy your trip - jealous! 🙂

I'm curious. I don't live in the UK so apologies if my question is off the mark. Are you purchasing health insurance in case you need medical help while you're on vacation? Or are you purchasing it in case you need to cancel your trip due to unforeseen medical circumstances? If the latter, your credit card may cover you if your trip is canceled or cut short by sickness. That might then reduce the cost of your health insurance.

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HI LachlanM

We buy travel insurance both to cover medical expenses which may be incurred whilst on vacation but also in case of cancellation for a variety of reasons (it can also protect our personal belongings). Most banks and credit cards exclude pre-existing medical conditions from their cover.

Less than 10% of the UK have private medical insurance as we are very fortunate to have our National Health Service (however this does not cover us outside the UK although there is an element of cover whilst we are travelling in most of Europe. This may disappear when we leave the European union).

People with cancer and other conditions do find it quite difficult to buy travel insurance - the insurance companies either refuse to quote or quote silly prices. this is why this insurance company is so good - it was set up by someone with cancer


(apologies if this message appears twice - not sure what happened to the first reply I sent)

Planning a trip to Canada and have had scare stories about the insurance costs so your posting is very encouraging - Canada here we come!

Hi splishsplash. We have not been able to travel outside Europe since before my husband's diagnosis of cll and subsequent chemotherapy so it is a great relief to be able to travel long haul again.

Enjoy Canada!

World First seem to be fine for Europe wide..

I have just come to renew my travel insurance with Worldfirst. They have rejected me. Nothing different since last year. Have had CLL for 4 years and no treatment on advancing symptoms. Their screening question asked about tiredness and enlarged lymph nodes. Again same as last time, no change, but insurance not renewed

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They refused me too this week yaris and didn’t even get to any in depth questions.

I have a suspicion that as the years pass on W&W, their underwriters consider the risk to rise. I’ve been insured with them for years.

Try Freespirit. They insured without issue. Tel no is on my last post. Sorry I can’t get it to copy from my phone.


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Here’s the link. Hope it works.


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Thank you xx

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We never had a good experience with Worldfirst. Have you tried Insurancewith?

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