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Health Insurance NZ Advice please

We have just moved from Australia to NZ for work. We have private health cover in Australia same company for 22 years. Our Australian health cover provider says we can put our cover on hold. I'm thinking of keeping mine as a single person. But we both need health cover in NZ. With CLL on W&W I think there is a three year waiting period. Would any NZ members kindly share which Health Insurance Provider is best in their opinion . I have had to change my member name on this site from Yelverton as We will be unable to keep our Australian email address.

Thank you.

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Southern Cross is the biggest provider by far. I've been with them for decades and they've always been reasonable. (They're a non-profit.) I'm interested that you say they would provide cover for a pre-existing condition such as CLL. In 2013, I travelled to New York; I had been diagnosed earlier that year and SC wouldn't cover me for anything related to CLL. But they did for trips to Australia in 2014, mostly because NZ and Aus have a reciprocal agreement for free urgent hospital care (which I did need in November 2014 in Melbourne after I had rolling fevers above 38 deg and a blood clot in my thigh). Hope this helps.

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Thank you Mr Midnight. At this stage I've read Southern Cross have a three year waiting period for pre existing but don't know if CLL on the list for health insurance not travel insurance. Have meeting on Wednesday with Southern Cross.

You have a beautiful country.


Good luck, Yelverton!

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