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CancerCare CLL Update Teleconference this Thursday with Dr. John Pagel and Dr. Jennifer Brown and yours truly


I am excited and humbled to be part of the Cancercare faculty doing a CLL Update teleconference on April 6 at 1:30 PM EST.

The heavy lifting on all things CLL will be done by Drs. John Pagel and Jennifer Brown so you know the information will be first rate. I too will be there for a small part of the call presenting the patient’s perspective.

Still time to register. For details, see:

The CLL Society is proud to be a collaborator in another education event.

Hope you get a chance to call in and say hello.

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.


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Love Cancer Care! One of the first resources I found. Their phone counselors are first rate and they have been most helpful, not just to me, but for others I have called about with a variety of cancer related issues. They also offer small grants (@$100 I think), but sometimes that makes a big difference. Sounds like a great teleconference!


They do good work. I will do my best in the 3 minutes that I have.

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Thanks Dr. Brian ... I followed your link and got registered. I'm looking forward to hearing your 3 minutes worth.


Down to 2 minutes now. Thanks.

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