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Bad news?

Routine clinic appointment last month. WBC count markedly raised.

Heavy cold three weeks before.

High WBC count due to cold or something more worrisome?

Doc can't be sure, so have to get another WBC test in six months to see if results better, same or worse.

So I'm gonna go see a bit more of the world in those six months, just in case something worrisome is the outcome in six months!

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What is markedly raised? Once the count gets to the starting gate for CLL which is 30K.. then doctors look at progression and if the count doubles in under 6 months. This is called lymphocyte doubling time or LDT, and is taken with other factors into consideration and perhaps a pre treatment discussion... however, the 'pre' could be a year or longer or a month...

So if your absolute lymphocyte count [ALC] is below 30K rises and falls usually aren't a CLL concern.. could be cold or infection...who know...

Enjoy your travel... ✈️✈️✈️



Over 6 years ago, my specialist was concerned enough about my changing blood test results to increase my blood test frequency from every two months to monthly. Eventually my CLL stabilized and I went to 3 monthly blood tests. I'm still in watch and wait.

If your doctor only wants to check your blood counts in six months time, particularly if your ALC is under 30(k), enjoy your travels and don't worry about your CLL!



Hi I recently had never ending cold / cough that had finally subsided my WBC was 75 but just after when things were improving it was 112 I shall be back in 6 months for another but not concerned it's most likely the infection.

Happy holidays

Jules The Flyer


Since January 13, I have had a never ending sinus infection and bronchitis. Friday, ENT took a MRSA culture. Waiting for the results.

Have fun traveling!



No more sinus infections for me. I have a great ENT down the street from you.

Dr Archilla. Next to Target.


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I was going to Parnes; when he diagnosed me with acid reflux, I switched to Raja. If this doesn't work out, I will give him a try.

Thanx! 😘


Enjoy your travels .✈️🛳🚣🏻‍♀️


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