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We need more support systems for people who want to work during and after cancer treatment


What support is provided in your country to enable you to work during and after treatment? Bogda Koczwara, Senior Staff Specialist, Medical Oncology, National Breast Cancer Foundation Practitioner and Fellow, Flinders University, notes that 'in Australia, there is no system to support people returning to work after cancer treatment – or to provide advice to their doctors or employers on how to help them.

Cancer and its treatment can have a profound impact on the patient’s ability to work. A recent Australian study of 255 cancer patients showed 67% changed their employment after cancer and for 63%, the household income had reduced since diagnosis.'



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I'm self-employed in the UK and have no choice but to work through treatment, which starts in 2 weeks time.

No help from government!

NewdawnAdministrator in reply to jasonfox

Absolutely right Jason and yet they have the cheek to increase your NI contribution in yesterday's budget!

Wishing you the very best with your treatment but take work as easy as you can!


Newbird in reply to jasonfox

I hope all goes well. Good luck!

A problem that is to difficult resolve and gets worse by the day under noncaring governments that relax regulations under the guise of better business....

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