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Hope this morning is treating you well ! Quick question - Can any one recommend a CLL 'expert' in Nottinghamshire ? As despite a previous enquiry on here and subsequent message and helpful recommendation, thank you ! I really would prefer to 'go local' or as local as can be ! I've seen a few names on the old orical ( Google ) And have seen an article on here written by a Dr Christopher Fox - Another name I found was a Dr Andy Haynes - For the life of me though I can't see how to make contact with either ? Or anyone else for that matter ? Clearly there's procedure i.e. their secretaries but I can't seem to navigate my way through the minefield of info or who to call. My Doc has left it to me ( to make the initial contact and choice) with his blessing ! But now thinking about it I'm not surprised !

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  • I can't answer your question directly, however there was a CLLSA meeting in Nottingham last year (I think). I sat and talked to someone from Nottingham plus there were several others there. Perhaps one of them could respond. You could try the CLLSA website to see if the agenda is in it. I'll try to dig out my notes from the meeting tonight.

    best, rob

  • Hi Juliette02. I can't help with Nottingham, but is Leicester too far to travel? There is a first rate team there who also run trials and research. We travel over 50 miles from Birmingham to see them, and consider it well worth the inconvenience. You will find the telephone number of the haematology department on the Leicester Royal Infirmary website, and they are very responsive. You need to tell them you have a referral from your doctor, then ask your doctor to send it. It does take a little time to filter through the system. Hope this helps, but if not, good luck with your search. It is very important to find someone in whom you have confidence. Take care and keep strong!

  • Thanks pkguk2 Have PM'D you 🙋🏻

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