TGR-1202/Ibrutinib Combo Feasible, Highly Active for CLL

"We report to our knowledge the first clinical data on a PI3 kinase plus BTK inhibitor doublet in B cell malignancies. The preliminary efficacy results certainly show a high response rate," said lead investigator Matthew S. Davids, MD, Department of Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. "This approach of dual targeting the B cell receptor pathway is potentially a feasible strategy."


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  • As one of the CLL data points in that study, I can confirm that TGR-1202 is working for me with much less toxicity than Idelalisib had for me. The ibrutinib part of the dual attack on B cell signaling has been much tougher for me- bleeding and Afib problems.


  • John,

    Sorry to hear that. Will they let you continue and see if those AE subside?


  • Yes, I have been on a reduced dose of Ibrutinib for about six months so I am still in the trial. Tweaking rhythm control meds for the A-fin and no further bleeding problems

  • Excellent. MDA has a trial on lower doses of ibrutinib now as some feel the dose is too high.

    Steady as she goes.


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