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Was diagnosed back in July this year and like many of you are on a W and W. I have family and friends telling me to get a second opinion. Does any know of any CLL specialist in the NY, Westchester County area(914)? Please let me know. I must also say this site and the community on it have been very informative and reassuring in the stressful time. My outlook is that "it is what it is" and make the best of it. I am a 58 yr old male, looking forward to a healthy retirement in a few years and have started to book more vacations and ENJOY my life and family more.

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  • Great attitude... Teddy405!

    Top tier CLL specialist are in NYC... and I strongly suggest you make an appointment... although the wait can be a few months... possibly longer. These doctors will work with and may suggest someone in your area...

    Other CLLers here see many of these doctors, so I will leave it to them to give you specific details...

    Here is a list... not a recommendation, just a starting point



  • Have you tried Cancer Teatments of America? There are 4 in the USA, Tulsa, OK; Phoenix, AZ ; Florida, and I can't remember the other. They are very accommodating. They will even pay for your plane ticket and pick you up at the airport. In Tulsa, they have hotel accommodations I. The hospitals and it only cost $75 no matter how long you stay. If they have no rooms available, they rent you a hotel room. This is my first time here, so I'll let you know how it goes.

  • CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America) are not known for having doctors specializing in CLL and many, with various cancers, have not had a great experience with them. They can be very accommodating if you have the right insurance.

  • Thanks - that was my impression too...

  • I hope you are wrong. I am at a CTCA right now. I'll let you know hue it hues. Hope it's not just a costly experience with no answers.

  • Wish I had known this sooner. I'm committed at this point, but I will bring up the question first thing this morning,

  • Get their input, but I would get a second opinion for sure if they recommend treatment. Any testing they do should give accurate results which you can use for comparison down the road or to take to someone else.

  • I used to live in Westchester. But if it were me I would go to Lamanna in NYC at Columbia or Furman at Cornell Weill. They are tops and will have much more to say and know than Westchester doctors. Please see them both on patientpower.info

  • You can easily travel to NYC by train or car (my friend does the commute daily) and visit the CLL specialist now and once per year, while continuing to use your local doctor for routine visits.

    As Andrew Schorr suggested - see Dr. Richard Furman's team by contacting his secretary and faxing or emailing in your past blood tests and records.

    Patricia Feeney paf2016@med.cornell.edu

    Senior Medical Secretary, Dr. Richard Furman

    Weill Cornell Medical College

    Hematology & Oncology Department

    520 East 70th Street

    - Starr Pavilion 3rd floor

    New York, NY 10021

    Direct: 646 962 2075

    Main line: 646-962-2064

    Fax: 646-962-1605

    or Dr. Nicole Lamanna

    Herbert Irving Pavilion, Garden Level, 161 Fort Washington Ave, New York, NY 10032

    Phone: (212) 305-5098

    PM me if you want more specifics- I will be seeing Dr. Furman this morning for my 3 month check up, he has been the head of my medical team since 2011.


  • Listen to your family and friends and get a second opinion. Do go to NYC and if you are progressing slowly, you have time to wait for an appointment with a top doc. In my experience, there is a huge difference between average and top CLL specialists.

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