Sinus type 'pressure'

.. And watery right eye ?

Hello good 'CLLSA' people 🙋🏻

I was diagonosed with CLL last week but it was the symptom above ( predominant this last 10 months) that led to the eventual 'just tipped over' the point of a white blood cell count concern and then a subsequent referral and diagnosis by the consultant.

Re sinus & eye - No infection in either - Started out on the antibiotic route then CCT scan etc nothing But the hangover type pressure pain still persists, some days better than others - Plus this annoying permanently watery eye. Feeling really miserable with it now :-( Any advice / opinions gratefully received - Many thanks Juliette X

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  • I had a year long cough and post nasal drip and no infection. Still persists on and off me I use nasonex. Otolaryngologist's conclusion once CLL diagnosed - I always had nose issues and now that I am older and have cancer it is my weak point. No help I am sure but maybe a second opinion from another otolaryngologist might help. My guy just retired nod was really good.

  • Will do - My throats always been a weakness and this last five years these 'sinuses' have been playing up but without much of a break or time off this last 10 months :-( Hence me reaching out a little as I'm fed up of feeling like a 'head case' But hey ho Its all beginning to make sense as my CLL news is beginning to sink in and I share & learn more - Thanks - Regards Juliette

  • Trigeminal nerve pinch? Migraine?

  • Chronic sinusitis is I believe common with cll. No antibiotics will clear it. I use a nasal steroid spray every day twice a day for years. See an ent specialist asap.

  • Over the counter saline nasal spray works pretty good for me. Twice a day every day. My CLL doctor recommended it. A lot safer than the steroid sprays like nasonex.

  • You are lucky. Nasal spray wasn't enough for me. Wish it were. Nasal spray only made my phlegm and cough worse. Glad I am reading the posts. Think for some of us there is a link here to the CLL.

  • Hi I am really glad you posted! I was diagnosed with CLL three weeks ago today and before that had antibiotics for my swollen lymph nodes plus a ear spray due to pain and sinus pain on my right side of face. Thought it was just me. Dentist couldn't find anything. Very annoying blocked feeling in ear have been recommended to get nasal spray too. Chewing gum (not a good lookI know!) has helped a little - I tried ear drops over the weekend but not much change.

    Hope it gets better soon 🙂

  • I to find chewing gum a relief ! .. Like you say not a great look but hey as long as you don't start blowing bubble s - :-) X

  • For Blocked ears grommets are awesome

  • Hi Juliette

    A few differences, diagnosed 2010, left eye. So glad you posted .

    About 6 weeks ago my left eye went funny! Zig zag lines

    Pressure, Headache,Blurred vision and my eyelid seemed to droop. I called 111 for advice and the next minute a paramedic was at my door. he thought I'd maybe had a mini stroke so advised a trip to A & E to get checked out. One thing I did learn is that we have nodes over our eyebrows. Didn't know that. Had a thorough check over and allowed home. Told to dial 999 if happened again. Was also referred to eye specialist next morning, she concluded it was optical migraines causing the problem and was issued with pain relief. Sorry I am going on a bit. Like you I have been left with a permanent watery left eye, even worse if I go outside. It still i'sent right but what to do? As Seymour B said they also mentioned trigeminal nerve

    Problems. The sinus problemI've learnt to live with.

    I wish you well in finding an answer to this problem, if I do I will let you know s I haven't given up yet.

    Take care.


    Ps Really answered because you need to feel you are not alone or a head case!!

  • I also get eye migraines. They thought it was a stroke. Also eye pressure and ear pressure. I always had sinus stuff but since 2007 dx they more frequent. I also get a little dizzy and very tired.

  • just thought that maybe u should see an opthamologist. I have sicca complex and am very dry and have seborreah on my eyelids. I have to heat my eyes every night and clean them with dove soap to avoid corneal infection. nuisance but actually quite relaxing on the way to bed. I sew so I made eye size heaters of fabric and rice. Also look up sinus massage techniques. It is worth trying too.

  • My tear ducts tend to block easily also. Last November my ophthalmologist recommended cleaning my eyes with baby shampoo, using warm compresses to the lids and added flaxseed oil supplements. I haven't had a problem since. The flaxseed oil gels add enough oil to my body along with the cleaning routine works for me. Ask your ophthalmologist. Sally

  • Thank you all for your kind responses so far FYI I came across this on my Google travels this morning - I will mention this to the 'Eye' consultant when I finally get an appointment.

    Sjogren's Syndrome ?

  • I was diagnosed in 2014. stage 4 Cll, 244k white bc's. At 44 yrs old. Had every test done that you could imagine. my CT scan showed something in my upper left side of my face. I did not have any pain there and doctors ignored it. I went through 6 cycles of FCR. Before I was told I had cll For 6 yrs I would get nasty head colds and sinus pressure and watery eyes. past it off as flu season. I had a root canal done in 2008. and remember that the dentist saying it was infected but we'll fix it anyways. I went to a holistic dentist may 2016, had my root canalled tooth pulled. He showed me the signs of the massive amounts of infection that was hiding inside my jaw and me having no pain before but just bad sinuses and colds and also acid reflux type symptoms. immediately within 3 days of my rc tooth being pulled my sinuses cleared, left eye stopped watering,and no more so called acid reflux medications. I've never felt better.My oncologist can't believe how well I look and blood counts recovered. I'm not saying this is related to you, but go and get your upper teeth checked for any signs of infection or if you have a rc tooth get it checked out. Goodluck Juliette

  • Thank you for that will do ! The eye watering started about a week after I had had tooth pulled and subsequent infection ( but back bottom tooth LHS ) However had a RC a few years ago now on bottom back tooth RHS .. Which occasionally flares up .. Will check out Holistic Dentistry in my area to ! 🙋🏻

  • Thanks for your post Juliette. I find this thread most interesting--it has given me food for thought.

    I've had watery eyes for a couple of months now and simply figured I was spending too much time on the computer (for work). I better get it checked out.

  • Interesting. I'm sure I read somewhere that people with a history of sinus problems are linked to CLL.


  • I,ve had the watery eyes most often. I find the pressure gets worse if the weather becomes inclement. I almost know when we're going to have rain or its overcast. I keep thinking it was sinus. It isn't... Also have Tinnitus, which gets worse then too. Good Luck...

  • i wonder if a netty pot might help with your sinuses perhaps?

  • Neti pots are a high risk in immunocompromised CLL patients, please only use STERILE closed system nasal sprays or flushes... many brands in the pharmacy...

    This explains the system,,,


  • i was just going to use mine!!! :(

  • Find an alternative, fungal infections are common, you don't need a mushroom farm growing in your sinuses... yes it happens... 🍄🍄🍄

  • oh my GOD! yikes. how about inhaling eucaplyptus infused hot water

  • As with it by your CLL doctors... all supplements etc... very important...

  • I use alkohol nasal wash and it works great. Starting ibrutinib soon ,on prednisone now because hemoglobin low or will be transfused if can find the right match. So glad I stumbled on this site so informative.

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