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EHA 2016: Dr. George Follows talks about the changing management of CLL

Today in the Conference Coverage section of the CLL Society website, we’ve posted an interview with Dr. George Follows where he talks about the changing management of CLL and what the patient’s role is to get the best possible care. Dr. Follows chaired the session I spoke at at the European Hematology Meeting in Copenhagen in June 2016. More than a 1000 hematologists were in attendance at our pre-meeting symposium.

You can view my interview here.

Patient & Caregiver Support Meetings

NEW! Tuesday, November 1st at 6:30 PM at the Moffitt McKinley Outpatient Center in Tampa, FL – the first meeting of a new CLL Patient & Caregiver Support and Education Group. Patients and family caregivers are welcome. You can find more information here! Terry Evans who does a great job facilitating our founding group in Orange County, CA will be there to help launch this one.

Post-ASH CLL Patient Educational Forum at City of Hope

We're excited to announce that on Saturday, December 17th, in partnership with City of Hope Medical Center and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the CLL Society will be hosting the second annual Post-ASH CLL Educational Forum at City of Hope. Dr. Tanya Siddiqi will be presenting on the latest data on Diagnosis and Frontline Treatment and Dr. Steven Rosen will present on Relapsed Disease and Novel Therapies. We look forward to seeing you there.

You can access the flyer here and pre-registration is requested.

I will be speaking there and sure hope you can attend. If it anything like last year's forum, it will be super.

In the meantime….

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.

Brian Koffman, MD