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CLL Diagnosed by fluke

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New here, went for a routine ultrasound in 2015, found multiple enlarged peasize lymph nodes in stomach area. Upon further testing I was diagnosed with CLL I'm on watch and wait. Upon doing my own investigations by gathering past blood results as far back as 10 years ago, I noticed a decline in my White Blood Count and Hemoglobin. My Lymphocytes were also elevated. I'm no doctor but it's clear to me I've had this since 2012. This was a fluke how they found it, thank god I revisted a former doctor who did this test only because he hadn't seen me for 5 years. My current Doctor didn't even know I had it or saw the difference in blood results. Always keep a second Dr. handy. Be always proactive and never leave anything in the hands of one person especially your health. I'm grateful to at least I know now than later.

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Welcome to this amazing forum basimio. I'm so sorry you had to find it though.

I'm still new here myself. My husband was diagnosed last Feb, a fluke like yours.

Ask any questions you may have. The great people here will have answers or suggestions and above all else, are living with CLL so they are "walking the walk". The support is amazing.

Take care of yourself. There's lots to learn about CLL and lots of time to do that!

Welcome Bacimio

to this club we never wanted to join but are glad we found. Most of us had cll for a few years before diagnosis as in the early days doctors usually suspect an infection and ignore the increased lymphocyte count.

I hope you are feeling well and that you will be long on watch and wait. Being proactive is a way of life for me and many fellow cll'ers. Please read the pinned posts by PaulaS noting things we can do to help ourselves like the two different pneumonia jabs.

Best wishes


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Hello Bubnjay, thank you for your support, I will read the pinned posts by PaulaS.

Sounds like a good forum here.

Welcome aboard and post your news now and then

Thank you ap64 for your support, I will begin to post soon

I hope that your doctor is a CLL specialist!

Hello SouthFloridaLady, yes I do have a CLL specialist Heamtology. Watch and wait like you. What an ordeal you have been through. Very courageous. I applaud this forum and reading all these personal stories like yours. They say it's watch and wait, as another person mentioned it should be Live and Observe. We can all get caught up with worry and what to do. I have been reading alot into it and the focus is always not to do anything unless it it stopping you from living. I hear your frustration and like all of us with CLL, it feels like we are walking time bombs. Stay positive SouthFloridaLady and live everyday. Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. I'm sure you are positive for it takes a strong person like you to withstand your story. Yon are never alone ,we all support and walk in the same shoes. All the best to you

Today I woke up with pain/ache in my right armpit. If it continues for two days I will call my oncologist! Today, for me, 'watch-and-wait' is 'watch-and-worry!'


Sorry to hear this but I bet it turns out to nothing.

It's all watch and worry.


Jeff, worry it is!

If I ever have to go for treatment again, I will definitely get a port.

Thanx for your reassurance! 👍

Welcome Bacimio. Lots of help to be had here so that you can gain knowledge about your condition. Also, friendly ears when needed.


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bacimio in reply to Peggy4

Thank you Peggy4, good to be here, great support team

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