Happy day / complete remission

I received my results after finishing my FCR/Duvelisib trial treatment August 20th. And I wanted to share my good news with you all. I had a bone marrow biopsy done 2 weeks ago and the result is a have achieved a complete remission. I am so happy. I am glad I did not give up, because many days I did not think I would finish the treatment. So for anyone needing treatment, just "believe" and have faith and don't give up.

I am still taking duvelisib daily, and because I am on a trial, I will need to take it for a total of 2 years.

I want to thank everyone who posts here, as I always look forward to reading everyone's posts. This was my lifeline many days, and it helped me understand and decide what treatment was best for me.

If anyone has any questions about this trial I will be very happy to answer your questions.


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  • Wonderful news...! 😄 Dina... thank you for entering the trial.

    For those who have never heard of duvelisib, it is a PI3K delta and gamma BCR inhibitor... similar target to idealisib which is a PI3K delta only...


  • Dina,

    Awesome stuff!!!!!!!!

    You must be so happy 💃🎉


  • So happy for you !!


  • Fantastic news!!!!😀

  • Yahoo!

    Well done hope for many years free of cll

  • That's great news Dina, long may it last, best wishes, Terry

  • Such fantastic news 😀🎉👍

  • Brilliant news, so happy for you 😃😄

    Elle x

  • Hi Dina. So very happy for you. Best wishes for the future.

  • Excellent news !!! x

  • Brill! Thanks for sharing, gives us all a boost!...

  • That's wonderful news!

  • There's no better news to hear Dina and you must feel like a huge weight has been lifted!

    Fabulous news and well done for keeping the faith and persevering through the tough times.


  • Thank you Newdawn, some days it was hard, but I am glad I pushed through the treatment even though at one point I was offered " chemo light" and I decided against it. Just hoping for a nice long remission or even better yet, a cure would be my dream, but who knows, God is looking over all of us.


  • That’s excellent news Dina, congratulations and many thanks for sharing with us. We all like to hear good news like this and let’s hope there is more of it in the future.

    Take care

    Kevin – Essex, UK

  • Thank you for sharing your most wonderful news and thank you for doing the trial that sets a path for so many of us.Pumpkin

  • This is just fabulous news! wonderful! fantastic ! delighted for you snd thanks for sharing... just finished round 5 fcr and it all feels quite onerous so to read your post is so encouraging .

    Well done you!!!

  • One more and you will be done, wishing the very best!

    Have faith and stay strong.


  • Hi Dina. Congratulations! Such wonderful news. Where was the trial held? Thank you!

  • Thank you! Dana Farber in Boston, Doctor Mathew Davids. I think they are still recruiting.

  • Thank you!

  • Congratulations!! That is absolutely wonderful news. Thank you for sharing your excellent results and for your participation in the trial:).


  • Brilliant! Gives hope to us all.

  • Great news Dina.


  • Kudos to you Dina! Fantastic news! And thanks for sharing it with the rest of us!


  • Brilliant news - well done.

    Louise :)

  • Adding to everyone else's comments, well done for staying with the treatment and for the success. You must be over the moon.


  • Fantastic to hear and many thanks for doing the trial.

    Very best wishes


  • complete remission .... our favourite two words.


  • Congratulations... great news indeed!

  • How long were you on the treatment before this biopsy result? Thanks!

  • I had 6 infusions of FCR over a period of 7 months. My treatment was delayed 2 times, a total of 4 weeks, due to neutropenia. Bone marrow biopsy was done 2 months after the last treatment.

  • Awesome news! As a young cll patient on w&w, your post gives me hope for when/if I need treatment. Congratulations!

  • Kelly , my daughter is on w and w. CLL trisomy 12. 37 years old.

  • Hi, Tamv. CLL is definitely not something anyone wants to deal with but I like to say we have youth on our side. With all of the new treatments and trials going on, hopefully we'll see a cure or something close to it before we need treatment. Many well wishes to your daughter...as well as you...I know my Mom wishes it was her instead of me, that's so natural as a parent.

  • So happy for you for persevering, and achieving complete remission. We all are hoping for the same and your experience gives us hope. Thanks for sharing.

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