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I am due to see my doctor again in mid September. I have a couple of questions before I go. For the past couple of months I have developed strange bumps on the palms of my hands. Very red and sore...circular in shape. My GP says it is eczema . Has anyone else developed a skin condition like this?

Also, I have noticed many people talking about their blood results. Do you ask for a hard copy of this for your records? I can't imagine writing all that info down in the office as it would be time consuming. My doctor wouldn't have time to wait for me to do that. I need time to reflect on the results to try to understand what I have so hurriedly been told on site.

Thank you.

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Hi Clsmith,

I assume you are in the USA, and under HIPPA law, you have the right to receive copies of any and all documents in your health file. Most doctors will quickly print a copy or have their staff print them for you to take along as you depart.

The bigger hospitals and doctor clusters often have a online portal where you can access your own results by computer or smart phone.

If you wish, there is a great spreadsheet by AussieNeil you can use to track all your results and plot graphs of some. see



Clsmith, I can't speak to the red bumps issue--there are others here who can, though.

As to the asking for a hard copy of your blood results, YES--it is important for you to be able to discern as you go along that all is well as far as the blood levels and keeping an eye on them helps you see how they go up and down from time to time.

I have made myself a chart of the last several years with color coded for normal, high, low levels---Someone has a chart you can download (my computer doesn't do that efficiently across systems (PC/Mac), so I made my own.

I hope your next visit goes smoothly and you return home with information in hand to help you on the journey.


I have had eczema my whole life. I also get it on my hands including the palms. There are various theories as to the cause. Since I have gone on ACP-196 the severity has lessened. This may be happenstance. Just be aware that eczema - the cracked skin - is an opportunistic entry point for infections and viruses.


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