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Question about wax and wane

Hi All,

I've been enjoying a nice remission for about 2 years. Now I have a cluster of swollen nodes in my neck and a strange large cluster of nodes in my groin. This set of nodes grew pretty quickly, but they're now beating a retreat. They grewtobout 6 1/2 cm in length and the whole looked like a fat cylinder. Now they're down to about 5cm in length and shrinking.

This had happened before, where all palpable nodes disappeared, and came back in full and identically placed about 2 weeks later.

Anybody know about this waxing and waning?

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Have you discussed this with your CLL doctor, so they can assess the situation? How long has this been going on for?



I see a general oncologist that I began seeing in Jan. of 2014. He simply told me that waxing and waning was normal for CLL/SLL. I'll see him again soon. I do worry that he won't believe me, but at least I have ultrasound tests that prove my story!


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