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Personal Message Makeover

Personal Message Makeover

Anyone using the PM feature will notice a significant change in appearance and function. Joel from HU has advised: "I just wanted to let you know about a tweak that we’re releasing.

We’ve given the messages section a face-lift. If you go into your messages, the initial page you’ll see will look exactly the same as before, but once you compose, or enter into, a message it will look more modern.

The functionality will be almost identical. Look for the cog in the top right of the message for options or the '...' on the speech bubbles. For messages with more than one other person you can add participants and change the message title.

Why change? The idea is that the web version of HealthUnlocked won’t look / feel dissimilar to the app version (obviously still being built). Also, while the the former, email-style, worked great for the initial versions of HealthUnlocked, we felt it needed to be brought in line with more modern day messaging systems.

That’s it! We hope you like it!"

Some additional notes from HU:

- To access the report abuse function. Simply click the '...' in the speech bubble you want to report.

- You only have to add a title if the conversation is between 2 or more people

- Titles can be edited in conversations with more than 2 people. (Useful if the topic changes.)

- Threads between two people are ongoing (e.g. if you start a new message to just one other person it will now start from where you left off to provide the context of your previous conversations with that one person and to aid in finding past conversations). That being the case it seemed that "Message between 'Fred' and 'Mary'" seemed the most appropriate title over time.

You are welcome to provide feedback on how you like the new style and features. If there's significant discussion or some very strong points of view, I'll pass the feedback onto HU.


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Very pretty... how about a search engine? Perhaps a 'sort by' function?

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Hmm' pity it does not remove the notification when you have read the personal message. I kept thinking there was another message until I realised that reading said message did not delete the notification that appears at the side of your avatar.



HU have just advised some changes in response to feedback on the revamped private messaging:

Today we just released some messaging features that we hope you'll like.

- You no longer have to scroll through a long message thread. Clicking on a new message takes you directly to the bottom of the thread where you will see the latest one received in a conversation.

- When you are writing a new, long message. You now get a scrollbar that pops up so you can review what you wrote before you post.

- We also changed "Account" to "Account Settings" to clarify where the user settings could be found.

I hope you like it.

Thank you,


(Still no word on those long awaited Search improvements - Neil)


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