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How will CLL effect my recovery from removal of Ovarian Cyst.

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Hi Following scan I have been diagoised with ovarian cyst. The consultant wants to remove it to have a better look. I wondered if anyone can advise how my CLL may effect my recovery rate after the op?

My last good results showed Haemoglobin 111, wc 83 lymphocytes 76 My spleen s enlarged.

Many Thanks

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Obviously with CLL we have impaired immunity so post operative infection is the concern. You say nothing about platelets, which is an important factor.

You might discuss if they can do a biopsy first, to get pathology, then remove it at a later date if needed... perhaps a less aggressive approach.


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Paidraigin in reply to Cllcanada

Thank you for this helpful advice. I will certainly ask for biopsy as you suggest.

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You should ask your consultant to check with your CLL consultant as to whether you need any additional precautions to cover you during surgery (e.g. bleeding risk from low platelets that Chris mentioned) and postoperative recovery/infection control. If you are aware that you are having more infections and/or taking longer to get over them, or unexplained bruising then you really need to ensure your two specialists communicate.

From the information you provided, your other white blood cells seem to be at a healthy level (WCC - lymphocytes or 83 - 76 for a count of 7). However it can be misleading to assume that these are mainly neutrophils (the blood cells you need to prevent any bacterial infection taking hold), because automatic counting can incorrectly count CLL cells as neutrophils. If you do have frequent infections, you might like to ask your CLL specialist if a manual count of your non-lymphocyte white cells would be worthwhile to verify you are a good risk for your surgery.


Thank you Neil. This is very helpful information and advice from you and Chris which I will act on. I now feel clearer on what I should be saying to the consultants.

Thanks again.

Good luck with your operation, I had a thyroid operation just over a month ago and all went well. They rang my CLL consultant's office for advice/results beforehand.

All the best.


Thank you for reassurance. Was there any impact on your Cll.


I started FCR last week, just short of a month after my operation and forgot to ask what my bloods were before the treatment started.

Before the operation, I know my surgeon was keen to see platelet count and they also gave me an anti-biotic injection with my anaesthetic (forgot about that!).

I'd phone/email your surgeon and your CLL specialist and ask if there needs to be a specific approach for you.

I'm sorry you have this to worry about as well. When is your operation?

Let me know how you get on or if I can help.

With best wishes,


Thank you. I am waiting for a date but I will let you know how I get on.


I had a giant dermoid cyst removed from my ovary last autumn. I had both ovaries and fallopian tubes removed. So a 10cm incision. I am also borderline Von Willibrand.

I made sure all were aware of my CLL and discussed the operation and recovery with my CLL consultant. My CLL consultant actually had the power to stop the operation but this concerned the Von Willibrand more. So all worked together. The CLL consultant saw no problems with the operation and I was Hb 94 with 265 lympocytes.

Recovery was as expected and quick. A bit tired the first week but driving by day 11. All were amazed at how I bounced back. No infection, no pills or potions needed once at home. Started walking on day 4, the key to recovery.

CLL did not cause any problems for this type of operation though like you I did worry .

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Paidraigin in reply to devonrr

Thank you that is reassuring. I did wonder how long it would take me to recover. I also wondered what impact the op would have on the CLL?

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devonrr in reply to Paidraigin

No impact on CLL figures at all

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Paidraigin in reply to devonrr

Thank you. I know its different for everyone but that is reassuring.


Hi I discovered that I too had a cyst. It was removed after my bloods recovered after treatment. The cyst was discovered during a ct scan during treatment. It was removed with no ill effects and I recovered quite quickly. The staff were very helpful as was my GP. Good luck

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