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Cancer Network tips for the Immunocompromised Traveller - that's us :(

Cancer Network tips for the Immunocompromised Traveller - that's us :(

Here's a one page overview of recommended preparations we would be very wise to follow to ensure health-wise trouble free travels. The accompanying tables provide useful summaries, but note that we should not have any of the vaccinations listed in the 'Live Attenuated" section of Table 2.

Note that you should have your pre-travel consultation with your doctor 4 to 6 weeks before you leave on your journey.

Happy, healthy travelling!


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The CDC in the U.S. also publishes the 📒 'Yellow Book' 📒for travellers...of interest to us is Chapter 8 ... Travellers with chronic illness and the immunocompromised...

We are both...

There is also a full list of pathogens...

Some countries and regions require vaccination for Yellow Fever, we can not have that vaccine, so those regions may be out of bounds...

Also, cruise ships tend to have outbreaks of Norovirus, so perhaps consider this in your travel plans...

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When I was diagnosed with CLL, I was working for a large multi-national company which had me traveling to Asia, Europe and South America. When the company doctor found out about my diagnosis, he wouldn't let me travel internationally due to a weakened immune system. I was on W & W (stage 0), so I would get my oncologist to write on his RX pad that it was “okay” for me to travel. This would clear me for company travel. The company doctor feared TB. So I would be tested for TB before every trip and I was also required to wear compression socks to prevent deep vein thrombosis. I would also be read “the riot act” not to eat anything uncooked and to constantly wash my hands. I would be given hand sanitizer. For example, I would not eat salads or sushi. I was not allowed to eat fruit as it was easily contaminated by a knife cutting through the dirty outer surface. Bananas were okay as long as I peeled them. In general, it had to be well done. If the area had malaria, then I would have to take a malaria awareness program and go on preventive medicine. I would also be handed mosquito repellent. I was also advised that I would be fired if I came down with malaria and was not following safe precautions.


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