Checkup - another six months done

Well, here I am and I'm quite pleased/relieved.

Currently sitting drinking a cup of tea in The Christie having had my six month review.

I went into it with a little trepidation I have to admit. In Nov I had a blood test at my GP and my platelets had dropped to 123, a repeat at GP in December saw it at 107. These tests were for another reason(low potassium) but needless to say platelets stuck out like a sore thumb.

Todays test ... 130, sigh of relief. However, to be sure doing an extra blod check in three months just to keep eye on it. I was really concerned I was going to be told a double digit number.

Now to get back to the exercise and (slight) diet to try to lose a little weight.


(PS: low Potassium culprit was most likely Bendroflumethiazide I was taking for hypertension. GP stopped that, and increased Amlodipine dose - potassium levels return to normal and I think a slight improvement in my blood pressure to boot.)

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  • Pleased to hear your good news Rob. Thought I heard your sigh of relief :)

    Strange how coffee tastes better after good news.

    Thanks for sharing, best wishes


  • Glad everything went well for you oleboyredw. keep up the deit. regards Beano09

  • Wonderful news, enjoy your tea and relaxation The Christie sounds like a beautiful place :)

  • Good news Rob. No tea-cake?

    Good on you.

    Best wishes.


  • I really like tea-cakes but somehow didnt seem right in Hospital cafe. rob

  • Great stuff Rob. Really glad all is well, if mine's good next week I may bypass the tea and go for a slightly different beverage 😀 Peggy

  • Good to hear all is going well .


  • Great news Rob, good luck with the the diet, I will join you can't get into my trousers since Christmas :-)

  • Hmm, bit like me a Christmasitis side effect. rob

  • Happy to hear you got good news. I also take Bendroflumethiazide and Amlodipine, so far no problems, fingers crossed


  • Thanks all, in response to the comments:

    1: No tea cake, the real reason for the cuppa was that I forgot my changed for the car park. The cup of tea got me the correct change!

    2: Diet, no will power, but I want (not need) to shed half a stone.

    Home now just inputting the results into my spreadsheet. Then it is time for a glass of red to celebrate relief.


  • Good news!!!

  • Rob and Peggy - According to Chris a glass of red is considered treatment, and we all know that Chris knows what he's talking about when it's about CLL.

  • Good for you Rob. Just had my six month checkup yesterday and I passed muster too. I'm good to go for another six months.

    While we can enjoy and celebrate our good news, I wish the same for others and wish to comfort those who are not so lucky as us.



  • Great news you guys! I'm in tomorrow for my 6 month check, hope it goes as well as yours did and I will be raising a glass of red to celebrate with you!


  • Hope it goes well for you, rob

  • Good news. It's such a strange illness, long may your platelets remain at this level.

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