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Bad knees, Baker's Cysts, and Good Times with CLL plus our newsletter, LRF Meeting in Brooklyn and Patient meeting in Seattle

Hi friends

I banged up my already end stage osteoarthritic left knee and am paying the price. Sore and hobbled.

Please take a look at my blog to understand my thoughts and research about my present misery and a possible bilateral knee replacement when you have CLL and are on ibrutinib.

I will be at the LRF’s 20th Annual North American Educational Forum on Lymphoma in BROOKLYN Oct. 3-4 and would love to say hello.

There is also a very worthwhile patient meeting with Dr. Pagel and a CLL patient and caregiver coming up in Seattle on Sept 26 and I have attached the brochure to my latest blog post:

Finally, I am very proud of the CLL Society’s inaugural and unique newsletter coming out later this month that will not only cover news from iwCLL (we were the only CLL specific group there) and basic and advanced topics, but I am particularly excited by the robust contribution of many fellow CLL patients and caregivers to the content. Please please sign up on our website ( to be sure to receive it and the next one in December and beyond.

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.


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Your advancing CLL, I do not (at present) know enough about to speak with any intelligence. But oh...the knees!!!! with that I can empathise! My head is aged about 25 whilst my knees come in at say 105. I creak when I walk and move like an ape! I work full time (more than) in a very 'on the go' job but sometimes think that's what keeps me moving.Thank you for your blog and all the other great info you provide. As always, greatly appreciated. Peggy.

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Well put Peggy. And to Dr Koffman, rest and recoup. As they said in the movie, A Few Good Men, "You need me on that wall". Well we do so get well.


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Slow down? Naw! Would never work for you! Looking forward to the newsletter and hoping your knee feels better! Your thinking on surgery makes a lot of sense. I hope your knees cooperate! When I was younger I looked forward to the day I would start shrinking. Then I realized that the possible causes were not something I would want to deal with. I guess I'll just stay tall for as long as possible.

As for connecting in New York, just wear a bright red jacket (you can borrow mine) and stilts or shoe lifts to put you in the 6' range so people can find you in the crowd. It's worked for me twice in Niagara, right Chris? LOL!


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