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ITP or Leukemia? (CLL)

I'm a 19 year old female and I was sent straight to hospital for the bruised rash all over my legs, they took blood and discovered that my platelets were at 14. The doctor asked me to make an appointment two days later to take more blood, do more tests and told me to take steroid tablets, ten a day. The steroids must be working as my platelets risen up to 62 after a couple of days taking them. Is there any chance this could be CLL as they keep making my appointments close together and keeping a close eye on me and taking several bloods which bruise me badly. I've looked everywhere for an answer from someone but nobody seems to answer on these sites.

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Hi...I'm sorry to hear of your situation... have they not confirmed a diagnosis?

In 18 years, I have only known one women with CLL at age 20, she had a stem cell transplant two years later and was cured... is living her life.

CLL at your age would be extremely rare, I think. Hope you get some answers soon.


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So sorry you are not feeling well and struggling to get answers. Things do seem to take some time as the medical profession are very thorough before committing themselves to a diagnosis. Hang in there.

Hope you soon feel better and in the meantime take care.



Please let us know how you are doing and ultimately what the doctors say is going on with your health. This has to be very scary for you and you are very smart to connect to the kind people on this site. I feel sure that you will get answers and there is a lot of support on this website. Take heart at 19 your body will be ready to fight whatever is going on. My doctors took a long time and lots of tests before they told me what I had. The doctors want to be sure. Hang in there we are all pulling for you!


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