I recently lost one of my twin sons and have been under alot of stress. I have been having some chest pains, sweating profusely and headaches. My son died 3 weeks ago. I was diagnosed with CHF (congestive heart failure) about a year ago. I went to the Dr. Thursday, they drew blood. Normal values for platelets is from 130 - 400. Mine is 38. What could cause this? They are sending me to a cardiologist Monday. They say my EKG is abnormal. To be honest, I am scared. Have any of you had this problem before? Thanks for listening.


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16 Replies

  • Hello sunladyflowerlady,

    I'm so desperately sorry to hear of the loss of your precious son...the emotional pain must outweigh all the physical symptoms you are experiencing. May I ask you if you have CLL? I see you were diagnosed with CHF a year ago and it's naturally unwise for anyone to second guess the cause of your low platelet count if it's related to your heart condition. The main thing is you are seeing a cardiologist tomorrow (I presume you meant this Monday?). I have heard that Thiazide diuretics, which are commonly used to treat hypertension or congestive heart failure, can produce mild thrombocytopenia (low platelet count) but this is an area which must be diagnosed with your cardiologist.

    Many of the CLL'ers on here do experience a low platelet count related to their condition but I'm not sure if this applies to you.

    I'm sorry that you are feeling scared at a time when you are already feeling so low and vulnerable and can only offer you strong words of support and immense best wishes.

    Hope all goes well tomorrow,


  • I have had my family and friends praying for us and I know prayers help. If someone could explain this CLL to me? Does this go along with a heart condition? Thanks..

  • Sunladyflowerlady ,

    This site is for people suffering with or connected to CLL which is Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (cancer of the blood essentially). It's not connected to your condition or a side effect, nor should you assume any connection with CLL.

    Perhaps you typed in platelets and it connected you to this site because of the link between low platelet count and CLL?

    However, please don't make any assumptions based on that because there are many other reasons connected to low platelet count which may be due to your CHF.

    There may be another HU site more specifically geared to your CHF with members who can relate and advise you on your health concerns.

    Wishing you the very best for the future.


  • Hi Sunladyflowerlady, (what a nice name!),

    I was so sorry to hear about the loss of your son, and your health problems as well...

    You're asking someone to explain CLL to you.. Well I have found the website below is EXTREMELY helpful. The page I've directed you to is the "Frequently asked questions". It's in plain English and I think it explains things very well.

    As far as I know, CLL is not particularly associated with heart disease, but you could ask your cardiologist about that. I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow. Have you seen a haematologist yet?

    Wishing you well,


    P.S. I agree that prayers help...

  • Yes, I go tomorrow. I am having angina due to my stress I believe. But, I am worried about my platelet count. Hopefully I will find out tomorrow. I am just scared Dr. will admit me to the hospital which I don't want to do. But, my son told me if Dr. wants to admit me he says I have to be admitted.

  • I'm very sorry for your loss. I would not wait to see a cardiologist if you're having chest pains with an abnormal ekg.


  • What a lot you have to bear at the moment. I can not imagine how you must be feeling. Best wishes to you.

  • It's been a hard 3 weeks. Being a Mom, believe me when I say this is the hardest thing a parent will go through. They lost their dad 17 years ago and I felt I should go first. We are healing slowly.

  • Dear Sunladyflowerlady:

    You have reached out to us. Is there someone locally you could reach out to also? -- someone who could help you to think through your overall situation? If it has crossed your mind to see a physician today rather than tomorrow, then perhaps you could listen to that prompting. 'Wishing you the best at this time when you are grieving the loss of one of your sons.

  • Thanks so much. I go see the cardiologist tomorrow and my surviving son is going with me. We are taking care of each other, but, it has been hard. My mom is stronger than me. I had older twin brothers and one of them died 5 years ago from an aneurysm. My son died from a heart attack. Thank God he wasn't on his 18 wheeler. Thanks again.

  • Dear sunladyflowerlady

    Our hearts go out to you at your sad loss, it will seem insurmountable and very dark.

    Much as we would love to be able to help, many of us are grateful never to have gone through this trauma. In regards to health many things are impacting and medical help is what you need. However there is help out there to support you through your grief .

    Here is a link to Compassionate friends which had been a lifeline for many.

    In sympathy and best wishes


  • Thanks so much for this link. I believe my son and I both could use some grief therapy. It has affected him more than me. He is having panic attacks and diagnosed with PTSD. Now, I am going to cardiologist today. I don't know why my platelet count is so low. Wondering if it could be related to my heart. Or CLL?

  • I am so sorry to read about your loss and current concerns. I was diagnosed 5 years ago with clll aged 46 and then 2 years later my darling twin brother died suddenly aged 48. My mum is now 84 and we miss him so much. it is our birthday on 17th June and sometimes I do not know what to cry about and can only imagine how overwhelmed your family are at the moment. we too lost our dad when we were 17. I send you all my love and thoughts from our family to yours

    Love Sally

  • Sounds like you are going through what we are going through. My son died suddenly and my brother died suddenly. The holidays will be hard this year. Their birthday is in August. TY Sally. Sending you prayers and warm thoughts to you and your family.

  • I can't add any more to the good advice above but want you to know I feel for you, for your recent dreadful loss and for your health concerns. Let us know how you get on please. Sending love and best wishes x

  • Thanks so much. Went to cardiologist today, no surprise he wants to run some tests. I am probably just under alot of stress. Thanks for responding. Have a great day Tuesday.

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