C-Diff Infection

So, my brother was diagnosed with CLL about 10 years ago. He was 'watch & wait' until about 6 months ago when his WBC exploded and his spleen grew very large. They put him on a chemo schedule and has had 5 treatments so far, with another 3 or 4 to go. He now has C-diff and is in the hospital on IV antibiotics and his next chemo treatment (which was supposed to be next week) has been postponed indefinitely until they get the C-diff under control. Does anyone know much about this? How bad is c-diff? and how bad is it that his chemo will be delayed? will any progress be lost? I don't live near him and it's hard to get the details from him and I'm just lost.

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  • C.Diff can be mild to very serious, it depends on the patient and the bacterial strain. Hopefully they can get it under control in a day or two... do you know what antibiotics your brother is on?

    His chemo, depending on what it is, is probably still working, so that shouldn't be too much of a factor...

    I would put in a call to your brother's doctor, to get first hand information on his condition, it will ease your uncertainty.


  • I agree with Chris, but am surprised he did not mention a fecal transplant- since that seems to be the newest method to re-establish a healthy balance of "good" bacteria in the intestinal tracts of patients that lost their beneficial bacteria through treatments like Chemo or intensive anti-biotics.

    Also, I've heard several CLL expert explain that the timing of Chemo treatments is very flexible, and there is little urgency to follow a calendar schedule- more important that the patient be in good shape before the next round of Chemo "poison" is administered.


  • Hi Len

    There is active and chronic C.diff... fecal transplants have had great success, over 90% cure rate, with chronic version, but it hasn't got much of a track record in active... from what I have read.

    It certainly might be an option worth discussing.

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  • Thanks all! It looks like (hopefully) they have the C-diff under control. They were going to let him out of the hospital yesterday, but now his spleen is growing. The doc said that she doesn't want to let him go home until they get that under control. Ugh.

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